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Where to Find Blowjobs in Nogales


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If you are a hobbyist in Tucson, Arizona, you're probably no stranger to the strip clubs and brothels in Nogales.  Only 40 miles separates you from the border.  A border town with about 300,000 people, the main sources of income are the maquiladora industry,  (assembly plants for U.S. companies using low-cost Mexican labor) and tourism.  Medical tourism is particularly big, since Mexican doctors often receive the same education as their U.S. counterparts without having to pay ridiculous insurance rates.  Expect to pay 1/2 to 1/3 the cost for similar treatments in the U.S.  The level of violence in Nogales has increased, but nowhere near the levels of other border towns.  Compared to Laredo, Matamoros and Juarez, Nogales has hardly changed.


The people in Southern Arizona don't complain about their border town.  There aren't any postings about ripoffs, violence or other personal dangers.  The guys in southern Arizona seem to like the strip clubs that are just a short walk across the border.  The convenience of parking on the U.S. side and walking 10 minutes can't be beat.  However, reports from October, 2017 report that only Studio 69 has remained open.  If you have current info, we'd love to hear from you. 


Wild Bill Hiccup reports "Just left went to Obsession found a nice thin girl. The rest were to fat for me. As you walk up to the club their are about 3 run down hotels with girls. Most of the girls are run down also. There is a guy hustling you as you go by who speaks English. Obsessions wants 12 USD for a lady drink. Cover charge is 50 pesos which includes a drink. Sometimes it is 20 pesos which does not include the drink.

The women waitress also tries to hustle you as well as the waiters. They have a room in the back you can get for an hour with the girl for 100 USD. The girl ask for a 20 dollar tip up front. I told her she had to earn it, she did. I was not able to find any of the other clubs. After the stores close in AZ you can park on the street and walk over to Mexico.
" Thanks, Wild Bill. 


There's one report from Mr. Bill that says the women in Nogales are prettier and better sexual partners than the ones in Tijuana.  Don writes to us and says "Just went over there my first time. Everyone from the pimps to the escorts were nice and polite and the women love fucking. I had two that night and one was freak the other her first time but I could tell she was enjoying it. I would definitely recommend this place. Easy in and out."


Club Hombre has an interesting and very complete article on Nogales.  Sexwork Cyber Research also has Nogales info,  but it's dated 2002.  Not completely current, but the basics of where to park and what the clubs are about hasn't changed.  There's some good newbie info on how to stay safe in Mexico.  Common sense doesn't have an expiration date.  One thing to be aware of is the number of promoters you will have to walk through to get to the clubs.  It's better to know where you are going than to try to get information from these guys, who will say "yes" to any question you ask if it leads to the commission they desperately want.  Do your homework in advance.  Try to hook up with an experienced monger your first time across.  It's OK to let a cabbie take you to a brothel, but it's easier just to walk to the strip clubs.  Nogales also has developed a street scene.  Guys are picking up good looking girls for full service, paying around $500 pesos for both the girl and the room.   


Our most complete sections in Nogales are strip clubs and escorts, but we also have info on Sensux Massage and a couple brothels.  Nogales has sexual services from beautiful women at reasonable prices, regardless of how and where you meet them.  Use the navigation below for more information..