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Our guy in Morelia calls himself "Mill"  He says on a CityXGuide forum "I went on the prowl here in Morelia for some new talent on Friday and Saturday nights. I initially decided to go to a couple of lower-end bars on Periferico Republica (Bar La Playa, Sexy Lady's Club), but the selection was horrible. A den of porkers at La Playa and a mix of porkers and skanky skinny girls at the "Lady's Club" so I decided to head over to a mid-range club and always a solid choice: "Status, Jr's Men's Club" (Periferico Republica #2036).

It had been a few months since I had gone inside of "Status," but I had never been disappointed by the chicas or the service; It's just that with so many options in Morelia, some clubs get left behind. After Friday and Saturday nights, I will probably not ever leave Status behind again. I had so much fun those 2 nights that it has probably earned a spot on the top of my strip club list.

I first came in on Friday night at about midnight and was very pleased to see a bunch of college guys in attendance. That means that the chicas would be itching for money since these college boys are not big spenders. True enough, there were about 25 chicas in the club (7's-10's) and most of them were just standing around. Few drinks were bought for the chicas and almost no privadas that I could see were bought all night...except by me.

Upon entering, I was reminded of just how small the place is. There is just enough room for a few tables around the runway. Comfortable "VIP" couches are slightly elevated and lined up on the outskirts of the floor, in a shroud of darkness so as to invite naughty behavior. The layout is very cozy and you can get a direct view of the chicas on stage from every spot in the club.

Anyway, I surveyed the scene and watched the chicas do their acts. A few girls approached me and directly offered me sex in the back for 1,100 pesos. Why 1,100? I have no idea. I wasn't ready for anything yet so I decided to just chill and see what comes along. The stage acts at "Status" were extremely raunchy in comparison to other clubs and even compared to their normal acts that I've seen in the past. One chica stuck a beer bottle in her sweet coochy and used it like a dildo for a decent amount of time, another fingered herself while spread-eagle in the middle of the stage and another chica did a lovely penetration act with a florescent safety stick. Some chicas did just a regular stripping routine, but some definitely flirted with illegal activity- something that I can't see going on too long.

After the stage show, I was ready for some company and I picked the nice, blonde young lady who did stuff to herself with the beer bottle. She immediately offered to give me 25 minute FS for $1,100 pesos (!), but I declined and she lowered her price to 900. I still declined and opted for a privada instead. She was very good and pulled Mr. Happy out for a brief HJ, I guess to get me in the mood for the FS she was offering. I held strong, though, and bought her a drink instead for 110 (!) pesos. She was constantly feeling me up and deep-throating my beer bottle to get me to a FS session, but I was still strong, even with her lowering the price to 800.

At that point I noticed that it was nearly 3 am and I was starving, so I decided to call it a night and get some tacos. Total damage was 350 pesos for my drinks, her drink, a privada, a tip for the boletero. Plus, I got to see a bunch of hot strippers get naked!

Over tacos, I decided to come back the next day...

The next evening I went back to Status and this time opted to get the FS from my Beer Bottle Babe, but she was hanging with a group of guys and she looked like she had her hands full. Instead, I hooked up with a gorgeous, voluptuous (not fat!) brunette who again, immediately offered me FS for 1,100 pesos. I told her that if she treated me right I would get the FS from her and she proceeded to take me up to a dark VIP sofa in back. We did a lot of exploring and "getting to know each other." (ie: fingering, mutual masturbation, licking, rubbing, etc...). She was so good that I decided to keep her around longer by getting a pitcher for 350 pesos that lasted her until the time I left the club (about 2.5 hours). I eventually got the FS for the price of 1,100 pesos in a back room made up to be a girl's bedroom. Very nice experience and she was extremely wet and affectionate. In total I spent about 1,700 pesos for 2.5 hours of heavy petting, FS, beer and a tip for my favorite boletero. The price was a little steep, but worth it since I got so much time with the chica. On the way out of the club, I was stopped by the Beer Bottle Babe and she gave me her phone number to make an arrangement for after hours. I just might give her a call and tell all you guys about it

Here's the review of Status, Jr's Men's Club:

Very nice, cozy atmosphere and very little pressure to buy. Most of the chicas were very hot and all were warm and had nice personalities- no sour pusses that I saw. Throw your support around a chubby, dark-skinned boletero named "Tyson." He was a great guy and very helpful (not annoying or pushy) in finding the right chicas.

Here is a list of the prices"

Beer: 30 pesos (a bucket of 6 beers costs $75 pesos and a bucket of 10 costs $125 pesos between 8pm and 11:30 pm)

Chica drinks: 110 pesos. Also, a jarra, which is equal to about 4 or 5 chica drinks, for 350 pesos

Privadas: 110 pesos per song and 500 pesos for a 15 min "extra sexy privada"

FS: seems to be stuck at the 1,100 peso mark, but can be negotiated down. You will have to work your way into a salida since all the chicas prefer to do their business in-house.

Hope I helped somebody out there.
"  Nice job.  Everything's there, including prices and locations.