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Morelia is another big city in Mexico a lot of people have never heard of.  While there are hookers, it's not a destination for sexual tourism.  With 750,000 people, you'd think the Chamber of Commerce would think of something.  People have been here since the 7th Century, but it's not a great seaport, or the historical center of anything.  No great battles were fought here.  It's not famous for much of anything.  They produce things like cooking oil.  Apparently, it's a pretty decent place to live and work.  They've got a wonderful climate, warm and temperate all year long. A lot of the buildings are here from colonial times, perfectly preserved .  Tourism is rising with Nationals.  (Other Mexicans.)  You probably don't get tired of looking at naked women.  Others (try to imagine) can't get enough of big churches and grand colonial buildings.   Visiting Americans and Canadians are rare.  That means the escort prices remain reasonable.  


Morelia has strip clubs and brothels and even massage parlors.  Judging from the escort photos, the women are beautiful.  It's another Mexican city where speaking Spanish will make your life a lot simpler.  Even if you don't care to look at the old buildings or tour the cooking oil factory, it sounds like you could spend many enjoyable days seeing the other sights.

GR dice "en morelia fui con un amigo a visitar el parque carrillo cuando estaba ahy habia 3 mujeres 1 jovencita y 2 seņoras, yo mem meti con una seņora y mi amigo con la jovencita, el precio es de 400 pesos con todo y cuarto la verdad el hacerlo con esa seņora de mas de 30 aņos me enseņo la experiencia porque fue muy placentero y muy agradable porque fue un buen trato, mi amigo que se metio con la jovencita de 19 aņos dice fue muy fria y casi no sabia lo que hacia.".  Gracias, GR.  Buen informe