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There are massage parlors in Morelia!  (Not every city has them.)  You can try Masajes Sharon (see below), look in the local paper "La Voz" (The Voice) or use our links from the Escorts page for the free ads online.  Some of the prostitutes there always market themselves as "masajistas" (massage therapists). 


A Morelia local, Mill, talks about Masajes Sharon on the CityXGuide, "The place is called "Masajes Sharon" and its an MP in a residential neighborhood. IUpon arriving at the gate of the regular, residential house, I saw a cute blonde head peak her head from behind a curtain. "Nice," I thought to myself, only to be pleasantly surprised again when I saw the rest of her. Her name was Monse and she was a tall blonde, with a good body and an ass to die for! She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties and well preserved with a nice, short haircut and did I mention her ass?  Monse led me into one of the massage rooms. The room was standard with a massage table, various oils and creams and mood music. 200 pesos for the massage, 200 extra for her to get naked, 100 for a hand job, 550 for a BJ and 800 for FS. Everything had to be with a condom and the FS was unlimited and various positions until I popped.

I started with the massage, and decided to get the FS because she looked so damn good in those jeans. Did I mention her ass? She gave me a brief BJ to get Mr. Happy ready and she climbed on board the Miller Express! One bad thing about MPs is having to do the deed on a massage table because its not all that comfortable for me. Monse had that problem solved as she directed me to a love seat in the corner of the room. We started the FS with reverse cowgirl, then doggie (did I mention that ass?) and finished with cowgirl on the loveseat. I popped crazy style on the loveseat as she was riding me and we were almost face to face, porno-style. A very nice experience overall.  On the way out, I was almost kicking myself as I saw another chica leave a room with her client. I wasn't kicking myself for being with Monse, but I was kicking myself for not waiting to see all the chicas. This chica was HOT and just my type- a thin, dark-skinned and dark-haired princess with such a beautiful face! Nothing against the blondes, but I love those morenas! Oh well, maybe next time...Masajes Sharon is located on Paseo del Eucalipto #450 in the colonia Pradas Verdes. The telephone number is (443) 139-3003. They're open from 10am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday. They prefer that you make an appointment. I recommend that appointment for between 11 and 2 or between 5 and 8 in order to be sure that all the girls are present. Monse told me that 5 girls currently work there. I saw three of them, including mine, and was very impressed. These girls were all very attractive and, best of all, they didn't have that "hooker look" to them. They all looked like regular, albeit sexier, girls and were dressed in regular street clothes. Man, I can't wait to sample the rest of them!  By the way, Sharon's can also be found listed in the massage section in La Voz de Michoacan's classifieds where it says in big letters after the listing "No Sexo"...yeah, right.
"  Nice going, Mill.  Thanks for the reminder about seeing all the available girls before selecting one at massage parlors and casa de citas (brothels).  Also, it's good to know the name of La Voz, the local paper.  It gives the rest of us somewhere else to look besides the online ads we have links to on our Escorts page.