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Morelia has it all, including brothels (casa de citas).  They change locations frequently, so get a taxista (taxi driver) to help you.


Cupido writes on the CityXforum " there is a (good) new Casa de Citas in Morelia, the place is in "La Huerta -Cointzio" road (a few kilometers south of Wal-Mart), the place is a little expensive, but worth it...I don't have the exact address but take the old road to "Presa de Cointzio", turn right to "Balneario de Cointzio" and find the house with a red light."


Mill is a local guy in Morelia, an American.  His tale is about one brothel, and well worth reading.  However, the most important thing he talks about is HOW you find a casa de citas in a strange city, HOW to behave in strange surroundings, and most important WHEN to walk away.  He writes about a brothel named Peguero's on the CityxForum.  "First, let me tell you that there would be no way on God's Green Earth that you would even know that its a brothel. It's located in a quiet, residential neighborhood with absolutely no distinguishing characteristics other than a bright orange light in the inside patio, which is a signal that there are indeed chicas there at that moment. Anyway, I knocked on the metal bars of the front gate and a short, older man with glasses came out. He kinda looked us over and eventually opened up the gate to let us in. It was at this moment that I reserved the taxi for the hour (100 pesos) because the neighborhood was dead and it would be impossible to find a cab on the way out.

Me and my taxista went inside and were transported into a Wild West *****house. The house was decked out in red velvet and dim light bulbs. It looked like Graceland in Memphis if it had been designed by a Mexican monger on a Cialis jag. The house basically consisted of "living rooms" where you get to "know" the chica and bedrooms, where you REALLY get to know the chica.

As we went inside, there were 3 drunk Mexicans groping 3 working chicas in one "sala" and another 2 drunks doing the same in another room. My taxista and I settled into a room in the back where the Madame offered to bring in all the available chicas to see what we liked. Unfortunately, it was 12:45 in the night and there were just 3 chicas available; none to my liking. Well, one was passable, but I wasn't looking for just passable that night. The best chicas were already taken and the Madame told us that their were other girls on salidas.
(Outcall service.)

The Madame was kinda putting pressure on us to pick the chicas and/or buy a bottle (between 500 and 1,200 pesos). I asked to wait so that I can see if one of the other girls gets free or get a girl as they come back from an outcall, but we were told in very blatant terms that we had to consume if we were allowed to wait. Well, that was my cue to leave and I took my taxista with me.

Ok, despite the bad ending, I would recommend this place because it has great potential. A couple of the chicas that I saw when I entered were absolute stunners; Very cute in a non-pro way. But because I got there so late, the best action was gone. The Madame said that the best time to come is around 9 pm, when all the chicas are there and mostly free.

For those of you who are squeamish about going to real, real Mexican places, then you might want to stay away because, from the odd looks I got, there hasn't been an American in there for years. I think they were amazed that I actually found the place. Obviously, no English is spoken here. And you WILL feel like a fish our of water.

The name of the place is Peguero's (pronounced: peh-uedos). I had actually heard the name of the place before, but didn't put 2 and 2 together. The address is: Vicente Beristain #89 and most taxistas will recognize it as being close to the office of La Voz de Michoacan newspaper. The Madame and the guy working there did their best so that I wouldn't have the address or phone number; several times changing the subject when I asked them the address and basically shielding the address from me while guiding me to the taxi. However, I'm a hard cat to dissuade and I had the taxista double back so that I could get the address. I don't think they were being rude about not wanting me to know the address; I just think they they were distrustful of me and my motives. They do a good job of keeping this place a secret.

The chicas cost between 800-1,200 for the sessions and the groping beforehand. They push the bottles heavily at a cost between 500-1,200 pesos, but it might be worth it if you take into consideration that a bottle will last you all night and allow you all the groping and molesting you want with your chica. They have take-out, but I would be real hesitant unless you know a specific girl there because the quality of the chicas varies so much; There were 8 in total when I went- 3 beauties and 5 beasts.

All in all, A good experience and a decent alternative to strip clubs and escorts. Just be braced for a real, authentic Mexican Casa de Citas...cum stains on red velvet, drunken rancheros and the smell of Sico condoms in the smokey air...
"  Wow.  Great writing, and great information.  Even the little details, like the red or orange light inside, is a big help.  We loved the fact that you walked away.  You've got confidence.  We love the fact that instead of bitching about the experience, you thought of it as a scouting trip.  (Did you get laid somewhere else?)  You're right to warn about having a Mexican experience.  It's like good good scotch the first time.  You need to be ready for something raw invading your system.  Good job, Mill.