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We all have our prejudices.  For many, massage is just a necessary storefront for prostitutes who want to work in areas outside the Zona Rosa.  (Red Zone, or officially sanctioned area for prostitution.) Why bother in Mexico City?  It's easier and less expensive to just skip the massage and take a SW (streetwalker) to an hourly motel.  However, the heart wants what it wants.  If you like the ritual of massage before sex, Mexico City has several "happy ending" options.


Mahal writes about his specific experience with Extreme Sports Spa (ESS) on the CityXGuide. To summarize, his experience was that it's hard to find and not worth the effort.  "After reading the forum I decided to try ESS and save the trouble of having to deal with security at my hotel. ESS is indeed directly behind the Four Seasons as reported. Even tough my red taxi driver had never heard of the Four Seasons Hotel, he was able to bring me to 327 Hamburgo.

ESS was not at all what I imagined from their catchy website. First of all it is recommended to speak at least some Spanish as no-one speaks english, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I found the place to be rundown and borderline sordid. Coming from the street you would have to know where you are going as there is no sign. At the entrance of the building some old guy, whom I first thought was a beggar, asks for your name and calls upstairs to announce you. You climb 2 flights of stairs and end up in front of a white door, again with no sign. I thought I was in the wrong place for a moment.

The guy who opened the door ignored me for the next 15 minutes as he was busy playing with his computer. I could see a room on the left with girls waiting, not sure what the deal was. There was 1 other customer waiting and 1 leaving and I saw 4 girls. Finally he called a chica over, never asked me if I liked her or gave me a choice, and she came to explain the rates, 800 for handjob, 1000 for oral, 1200 for completo. She was not bad looking so I chose completo, she disappeared for a while, then reappeared and brought me to a dimly lighted minuscule room with a massage table and pretty much nothing else.

I asked to take a shower, the common shower was far from the room, which means undressing, dressing and undressing again, and boy was it dirty. Some girl started banging on the door, which I had closed, while I was in the shower and I made it very short.

Back to the room the girl, Alejandra, was friendly enough, but BBBJ was 200 extra and no other options were available. Nice massage and she was very willing to let me do whatever I wanted with her during the massage. Then a brief, like 2 minutes, BBBJ, followed by a few positions and then she started moaning and moving in a way that suggested it was time to finish. That was after about 15 minutes.

I asked for CIM, she said yes, removed the condom and started giving me a HJ. I complained that this was not what I asked for, but to no avail, she just rubbed faster while I was fingering her. In 1/2 hour the party was over.  Conclusion: It may be a good value for Mexico, based on what I read here at least, but IMHO the experience I had would not be considered a good value.
"  The other two reports, below, are from happier clients.  As always in mongering, your opinion about a business usually gets shaped by your experience on one day, with one girl.        


Spaniard writes on the CityXGuide "I visit Mexico City once a month for work visits. I have been to Extreme Sports spa about 7 times. The talent used to be real good there but it has gone down hill somewhat. Have also tried my luck with golden-body.com ... phenomenal. Chick was from Guadalajara and for 2 hours we did it in every way possible. "


Priamos names names, addresses and amounts with outstanding information about massage in Mexico City on a CityXGuide forum. "Clinica Savalle in Zona Rosa (Londres 161 Torre A 4th floor) is one of the best options in the low to medium range. There are at least three cabins and at least three masseuses. I was serviced by a well-shaped, dark (Yucatan?) women in her early 30s . She demanded 600 pesos for massage, HJ and BJ. I must say I was impressed: she took plenty of time on the sexual part of the service, and when she realized that I liked to fondle her breast and her private parts without protest she stripped first out of her blouse and later dropped her panties. The BJ (uncovered at first, finish in rubber) was one of the best I've had outside Asia. Definitely recommended.


Tapaz on CityXGuide has advice for visiting mongers who speak enough Spanish to "go native".  "Alot of the Mexicans go to the massage parlors where you go in, get a beer and sit down and relax. You can then choose from a line up of girls and go to the room for a massage. This is always with happy end and depending on what you tip it will be a handjob or a blowjob. These places can be found all over town (don't go to the ESS since it's a rip off joint). One I like to frequent is in the area Lomas de Chapultepec. Cheaper than ESS, but I went in the first time with some Mexicans who are regulars there so maybe that affected the price asked. Lomas de Chapultepec is an area wit alot of offices but you would be surprised how many men go for a relaxing 'massage' at lunch time (lunch time is from 2pm till 4pm here so you have some time).

There's also a nice place on Presidente Maseryk next to the OXXO store (close to the Nikko and other hotels there). It's a bit pricier but they have real lookers sometimes (a bit hit and miss) and if you speak some Spanish and can convince the owner you live in DF (and are not a tourist) better prices can be get.


Samantha - Wants to Be Your Little Girl

I am very affectionate, I like to pamper partner, and make him feel good with hot sex. I like do not like to be around drugs or people who use drugs, but I enjoy drinking alcohol when there's a party atmosphere. I'm very accommodating. I like to give (and sometimes receive)massages. You can touch me, massage me, and use your mouth on me. I too like to be pampered. I'm a student. I enjoy my work very much, but it also helps me pay for school.     Spanish only.   $1,600 plus taxi.


044 55 2515 1119



Sandy - Anal, GFE, Threesomes and More


Hi I'm Sandy, an independent escort girl offering you a rich massage or erotic dance. Would you like to start with some kissing, then give you oral sex just as you want it? What do you want to do with me? I like missionary, doggie, cowgirl...you tell me what you want. If you accidently slide into my tight little ass, I don't mind a bit! Bring your girlfriend and I'll satisfy both of you, or I can bring a girlfriend for a threesome. Take me to a swingers party, and trade me with another man's wife. I do fetishes too. 24/.7 service. I only speak Spanish.


(55) 1410-7648



Annia - Huge Ass For Your Pleasure


Sexy Czech teen with a huge round bottom. 20 years old, and the unbelievable measurements of 37-25-48. Want to tap that ass?  She says she has a full menu.  She's also a massage therapist.  If you like anal sex, what a perfect ass to enjoy.  If you visit the website from the photos, she wears a mask with a leash attached.  BDSM?  She's also a massage therapist. She prefers appointments in the South of the DF, but will consider other areas. Speaks Spanish only.


5523 18 5483  bonita_diablita@hotmail.com





Hi I'm Rachel. If you are looking for pleasure and experience of a woman who knows how to treat you, call me. I offer a quality service, cleanliness and above all, excellent treatment. Do you want to be pampered by expert hands? I can make you happy with a massage. together we can make this event something very special and hot. I include full service (all protected). I will come to you in hotels in tlalpan, viaducto, centro histórico, la roma , Zona Rosa, Calzada Misterios, Av.de Guadalupe and Av Ignacio Zaragoza. I have no English, just Spanish.




Maya and Friends - Serving Naucalpan and Mexico City

Prostrate Massage and More


We guarantee the most intense orgasm you've ever experienced.  No facility available.  We come to your hotel or residence. Ask about our other services.  Spanish Speaking Only. 


5554 50 2158



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