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The Mexicali Strip Clubs take a back seat to the hooker bars, but they're there.  Read more for first hand accounts.


Mr.WoolyBooly wrote about a Sunday night in the Mexicali Strip Clubs on the 21oroverguide forum.  "Tried Club Charros on Zuazua, corner of Altamirano on the other side of the street from La Taberna. Quality of girls was good, all at least a 7. More guys than I usually see in Playboy, El Gato Negro and others in the zona, so the ratio wasn't the best. Floor show, cute waitresses."

A monger named Cool Arrow writes on the cityxguide forum "I did a 2 hour tour of Mexicali strip clubs last month, as I was heading along I-8. I crossed the border at 1:00am and my first stop at an automatic teller on Lopez Mateos, just past the Crowne Plaza hotel.  I couldn't find Guau Guau club, so I proceeded to the Cabana. Cabana is located on Lazaro Cardenas, east of Lopez Mateos, on the way to Establo. Cabana had about 12 dancers, mostly 6s and 7s and one 8, and twice as many men. Several of the girls started making blow job gestures at me as I nursed my beer. I declined. On site sex is clearly available in the little privado booths. I didn't see anything special so I moved on.  Next stop was La Mosca on Cuauhctemoc just east of Justo Serra. This place was pretty lively and also had about 12 girls, 6s and 7s and a couple of 8s, and about the same number of men. I had a busty girl from Sinaloa give a me privado in a curtained booth for 200 pesos. Our hands wandered freely and she was eager to Polish my knob on the spot. I wasn't interested and so didn't ask how much extra that would cost.  Next door to La Mosca is a club called El Nido. The quality here seemed to be a notch higher than La Mosca, but with the same format, with privados available. It was almost 3:00am (closing time) so I only stayed for 1 beer and left. For me, strip clubs are the best source for finding P2P. You can get a pretty good idea of what you are getting into before you commit."  Cool Arrow stopped to get pesos before he started.  Good move.  Even in the border towns, the accepted currency is pesos.  If if they'll take your dollars, they'll only give you 10 pesos to the dollar.  When the going exchange rate is over 12 to 1, you're giving money away.  Also, it helps to have a lot of small bills.  If you pay $500 when they asked for $300, you're not going to get change.  Another good thing Cool Arrow did is he walked away.  If you're not happy with the girl, the amount she is asking or simply want to keep looking, just say "no gracias".  Finally, we couldn't agree more that strip clubs offer the best P2P (person to person) opportunities.  You'll pay more in a strip club, but you can normally buy a dance for anywhere from $50 to $100 pesos (depending on where you are) and see if there's any chemistry.