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Mexicali is different than Tijuana.  There is a more relaxed feeling, more personal.  Also, the main action is in a couple of hooker bars. While hooker bars aren't traditional brothels, they're close.  What's the difference between a hooker bar, a brothel (called "casa de citas" or "house of dates" in Mexico) and a strip club?  A hooker bar has escorts (prostitutes) inside, but you have to take them somewhere else.  The girls can lead you, so don't worry about that.  A brothel is where you go in, the girls line up, you pick one and take her to a room on the premises.  A strip club is a hooker bar with dancing, and in Mexico usually has little rooms where you can take a dancer for fast sex.  There are a lot of variations.  In Tijuana, for example, sometimes the strip club is downstairs with a hotel upstairs where you can take the dancers.  There's usually a charge to take the girls out of the club (called a "salida"). 


A gentleman calling himself Mexico Guide writes on the 21orover forum "San Diego Bar opens for business at noon. It's best in the evenings but you still can find some talent. The average going rate is $50 plus $15 room charge. Asking the waiter for help is a plus, a $2-$5 tip will get him to alert the girl that you have interest and speed up the process. During slow times the women are open to discounting. Thus $30-$40 rates are possible. Just don't act desperate or interested. Mexicali is not like a typical border town, it's much more like a small city in the interior in Mexico. Dollars are rarely used, it’s almost all pesos here, and it would be difficult here if you don’t speak Spanish. It's a lot more laid back than TJ, which this a every nice change. Here’s a couple of places to check out within this town.


Bar San Diego Very typical Mexican whorehouse, the kind you’d find in smaller towns. There were about 15-20 girls working on a Tuesday night, and less than 15 customers, so the ratio was pretty good. Of the 15-20 girls, about a half dozen were ugly, but about half dozen were pretty nice 8's. No cover charge, beers were US$1.50. The girls cost US$50 and the room is $15. I had a really nice time with mid-twenties, blond, who provide great-unrushed service.

Bar Miau-Miau After Bar San Diego I got a taxi. and went to Bar Miau-Miau in El Centro, on Avenida Reforma at Calle Mexico. The US$3.00 cover charge included the first beer. This place is like a Mexico City Strip Club, but without the hassle and rip-offs. I didn't see an ugly girl in this place! They were pretty much all drop dead gorgeous, centerfold quality girls! I was up for round two of the night. The girls here cost US$100 plus $30 for the room. Considerably more than the other place, but these girls really are really tens so worth the price.

I stayed at a nice hotel, called theSiesta Innon Blvd. Justo Sierra. Nice, clean, safe place, with parking outside the rooms for about $60. You pretty much need to drive into this city, as there's no real action right near the border, but this is a safe town.


Reinaldo writes on the cityxguide "As for hooker bars check out El Establo on Lazaro Cardenas. It's even further away from downtown than BSD so the taxi fare will be higher. It's not a new place but it seems to have come into its own in the last year or so.  You can take the girls into a motel room for a fee of 700-800 pesos.


Amigo 69 went to a different hooker bar in Mexicali, Bar San Diego.  "My house being built in Ensenada and I stopped in Mexicali on my way back. Stopped at Bar San Diego. Since I was in the last time the girls have completely turned over. Did not recognize anyone. There were probably 10 to 12 girls working. All were in the 5 to 7 range. No real hotties. Chatted with Castillo for a few minutes. He pointed in the direction of a morena and stated that she speaks very good English. So I had her over and bought her a drink. She is from Vera Cruz. Her name is Karla. She stated that she worked in Los Algodones before working here and had been working at BSD for 2 weeks. She stated her grandfather was French. I believe it because she had an olive color to her skin. Ok so much for the bull. She was a 7 on looks, 33 C, 5 foot 5", dark shoulder length hair, and big dark eyes. In the rack she would not do BBBJ. Performance was a 6. Probably would not partake with her again."  Thanks for posting, Amigo.  For the new people, it's good to point out that if you need something specific (like a bareback blowjob, or bbbj) you want to negotiate that in advance.  Think of the girls as plumbing contractors.  If you need something special (all brass pipes) you need to include that in your specs before getting a bid price.