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In all the old reports on Merida strip clubs, no one had anything good to say about them.  A monger named GringoLoco says Merida has changed.  It makes sense.  With increasing pressure from the Mexican Bad Guys in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, it makes sense that Merida would get some of the spillover. GringoLoco sent us an excellent report on Merida Strip Clubs on June 1, 2015.


"The strip clubs in Merida are getting better.  Osiris, on the road to Cancun, has a lot of nice, young  girls that are up for about what ever.  No cover, but a drink minimum of 3 or 5 drinks, and a bucket of beer is 130 pesos. Lap dances are 200 pesos, full nude and most girls will let your hands go where they will.  Drinks for the girls are also 200 pesos and they will hound you about buying them some.  Service is great but they expect to be tipped nicely. Weird part is they are open only 2 pm to 10PM, but I find it best from about 3 to 6.  Safari is owned but the same people and is about three blacks on down the road.  Same rules, later hours 8pm to 4 am, but the girls are a little more “worn out” and older.


There is a sleazy one, El Haren, right off Paso de Montejo that is on Calle 56 x37 y 35. It is pretty bad.  The girls seemed like they did not want to be there.  Everything seemed forced and creepy.  Had a 50 peso cover.


There are a few other ones that I have not been to.

East Merida


Da, Fox


Pride (gay)

Foxxy’s (gay or for women)


West Merida


El Jabin


As for street girls there are a few places.  One being Calle 58 y 69 x 73. There are a few cantinas in that area that you can get a girl if you like. "Excellent report, GringoLoco.  It's well-written and thorough.  On behalf of mongers everywhere, we salute you.