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Brothels in Merida


The laws many have changed, but brothels used to be illegal in Merida.  That's common, and presents no problem.  Just take a quick cab ride to the end of town.  There are also bar girls who will take you to a nearby hotel. 


Dars Veider (Darth Vader?) enjoyed a hooker in Merida, and told us about his experience on our escorts page.  After they were finished " She told me of a bar in Centro where you can find chicas: Restaurant & Hotel Margarita, at the corner of Av 5 Zerpa and Calle 19 Cerrada.  The next day I went there. It is a normal beer bar. At that time 5 girls where there. But all fat, above 30 yo and not very attractive. I was told the rate is $300 pesos for a f**k and you have to go with the girl to a nearby hotel. But I didnít try it!"  Good info, Darth (can we call you Darth?), and May The Force Be With You.  If you're a new Hobbyist, you'll want to budget for a bar fee (cost of taking the girl from the bar) and the cost of the hotel.  These hotels usually have hourly rates.  Discuss all this with the girl before money starts changing hands.  Find out what you get for your money.  With the girl, you'll want to know how long, and what sex acts it includes.  If you don't, you just get what she gives you for the agreed price.  If you like to take your time, give and get oral, and try a number of positions, it all has to be negotiated ahead of time.  There's no negotiation on bar fees; they are what they are.  Some hotels have rates in 15 minute increments, more common in Mexico City than Merida.  In Merida, you may end up with two hotel rooms for the night.  If you have time, money and stamina, it might not be the worst thing to have a room for hookers and a room for valuables and sleep.


 Locos_and_Man reports on CityXGuide about casa de citas in Merida.  "The casas de chicas are about a 10-20 ride out of the center of town, but they are really cool. 500 for 30minutes, and they have some really young thin good-looking chicas. You can take them out for the night for $1,500, but in the casa everything is covered and i don't think there was any kissing. So i'm not sure if that translates the same outside the casa. but hot chicas! and a beer there is $12 pesos so you can have a killer night there." Even at a lazy exchange rate of 10 pesos to $1, that's $50, $150 and about $1 a beer.  (The exchange rate fluctuates, but averages about 12 pesos to a dollar.)