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Tkch, Media, Cuero's, Envidia, Dolarito, Circo, Paradise Gentlemen's Club, Eclipse and Extreme Men's Club are some of the names mentioned in forum postings and strip club lists.  Local mongers use taxis, even if they drive across.  However, the conservative move is to leave your car in the U.S.  Conservative thinking is to not take anything you won't need while you're in Mexico.  You'll need some cash in pesos, regular photo ID plus your passport if you're going further than Matamoros.  There are two reasons to change your money into pesos. One, because you don't want to be out of place and two, because you don't want to be cheated on the exchange.  Paying in dollars screams "I'm new at this.  Please overcharge me, give me bad service and cheat me whenever you can."  Leave your Rolex, extra U.S. currency and credit cards somewhere safe. If you plan on drinking, consider spending the night for an extra $400 pesos at some of the clean, comfortable and familiar American style travel motels just blocks from the strip clubs.  


The two most common mongering questions asked anywhere in the world are "where do I go" and "how much do I pay"?  With border towns like Matamoros, there's a third question.  Can I monger safely?  First, the easy questions;  where and how much?  Try any of the strip clubs, brothels or escorts mentioned here or on the two best mongers sources for info on Matamoros; the internationalsexguide.com or cityxguide.com.  Both websites have exhaustive reports that are fun to read.  Bottom line for strip clubs?  Here are local prices, just as a guideline, YMMV.  $100 (includes tip) one way for taxis.  Club drinks for girls; $200 pesos or less.  Cover charges; $60 pesos (after 10PM).  Dances; $100 pesos.  Privados; $800 to $1,600 depending on the girl, the club and the chemistry.  Orgasm costs are always more expensive in a strip club.  You pay for the atmosphere.  You can travel, drink and have a privado for about $200 USD, including everything.  You can save money by using escorts or brothels.  It's a different set of risks and rewards.     


A local monger named Mitaban writes about his two favorite Matamoros strip clubs on the International Sex Guide.  "Went to Matamoros last pm, arrived around 11:30. Had'nt been to Club Eclipse in over 4 months. Parked on US side walked across and caught a cab near Garcias paid 80 + 20 pesos tip to Eclipse. I think I paid 60 or 70 pesos to get in, can't remember I was already buzzing. Lots of 8s and 9s. Girl's were hustling drinks. They are crazy expensive. 200-250 pesos. I was'nt that drunk. These girls remind me of princesses and I'm not sure about the prices or services. I knew this was my warm up spot and would be seeking action at Tch. Stayed for 3 Bud Lights and asked the mesero to try and call my cab. He remembered me from the last time and told me the girl I was looking for now works at Envidia. Well, he told me my cab would arrive in about 30 minutes. No cab showed up, but the weird thing is he told me that their driver would take me to Tch. I asked how much and he said gratis. Well I wasn't going to pass that up. When we arrived at Tch he also got me in for free. I was in a generous mood so I gave him 100 pesos."


Mitaban is also active on the cityxguide forum, and compares Circo to tkch and Media.  " Circo is near the northern aspect of the city limits of Matamoros. Where the industrial areas are. It's about a 15 minute cab ride from the new international bridge. It is the farthest strip club I go to from the bridge and I try to take a cab with someone I know. It is kinda scary out there because you are just inside the city limits. I went last Sunday and they had about 10 girls working. 2 or 3 eights. No nines or tens. Did not go to room because I went the night before to TKCh and La media. The prettiest girls are definitely at Eclipse. But I prefer dirty over pretty."  Both the International Sex Guide and CityXGuide forums devote much more space to Matamoros than an "overview" site like this one has space for. 


The third question is "is it safe to go monger in Mexico?"  Yes.....and no.  Like Laredo and other border towns, Matamoros mongers are caught in the crossfire of a drug war that has escalated and spilled into the streets of the community.  Unlike past administrations, the government and the drug lords have not figured out a way to work together without shooting each other.  The result is that Mexican citizens and businesses are literally caught in the crossfire.  The safety of visitors isn't even a consideration, much less a priority.  Mostly, the cops in the U.S. are honest and there to protect you.  In Mexico, the local cops are mostly corrupt and underpaid.  In Tamaulipas, arguably the most dangerous state in Mexico, the cops are paid a total of 5X less than those in AguasCalientes.  As a reult, local cops look at visiting Americans like walking cash machines.  Their goal is to intimidate you so that you'll pay them to go away.  Depending on your level of experience, it can be annoying or terrifying.  You are no more likely to be hurt at a Mexican strip club than a U.S. club.  If you go to monger in Matamoros more than 10 times, you are almost certain to be questioned by either local police or a border cops from either side. 


It's not sexy, or technically what this website is about, but the following report by Mitaban (same monger as above) dated 2010 has information about what can happen at a strip clubs in Matamoros.   "Decided to go to Matamoros Saturday night and hopefully have a good time. I was a little worried because in the morning my coworkers happened to be talking about all the violence in Mexico and how the streets were under a curfew. I went anyway, what do they know, I go all the time LOL. Called my cab driver early to make sure he was working and to let him know I would be arriving early around 10 or 11pm so I wouldn't have to stand out on the street. I like this cab driver because he can cross me back into the US. This is a plus when you are drunk and don't want to have to explain how you are going to get home to immigration.

Was looking forward to seeing my regulars at Circo. Cab driver told me the only 2 clubs open were Tkch and Envidia. Ok, a little disappointed but I'll go see my regular at Tkch and come home early. Everything went well. Had 2 buckets of mini beers and a full size Bud light. Finished the deed around 1:30 called my taxi, he was already waiting outside. Went to the bathroom and all hell broke loose.

Was met in the bathroom by guys wearing mask and toting big ass machine guns and pistols. Thank goodness I had a buzz cause I was only a little scared. Got hands up against the wall searched and was asked if I had any weapons or drugs about 3 times. I didn't know who these guys were. I have been searched by soldiers and so called security on the streets in Boystown but never by masked men. He took my cash out of my pocket and after asking me more questions handed it back to me. I was ushered out of the bathroom and lined up with hands behind my head against the wall with all the other patrons. Ok, I'm thinking there is a paddy wagon outside and I'm going to jail and I don't know why, but I guess you don't need a reason in Mexico. Well after a few minutes they released almost everybody.

My cab was outside. All the vehicles they came in were unmarked. But one was a badass white Escalade. I saw at least one patron handcuffed being taken away. Had I only left 15 minutes early I would have never gone thru this. While we were driving off in the opposite direction about 5 police trucks with flashing lights passed us.

Thank goodness I at least got to finish the deed. That would have really sucked had I not. My cab driver told me they were police looking mostly for weapons. The mask threw me.

Will I ever go back? Probably next Friday. LOL
"  For many casual mongers, a story like this is proof you should never go to Mexico.  For others, it's a case of "if that's the worst that could happen, I'm still going."  It's a personal choice.  Other mongers report they don't drink as much as they used to, if they drink at all.  For newbies, here's what Mitaban did.  He has a regular cab driver.  A good cab driver for you will be someone who speaks enough English to help you, plus someone who wants your regular business.  You'll get street intelligence (information) and the security of knowing that regardless of what happens inside the club, there's someone waiting outside.  Mitaban was modest about his cool reaction being frisked by masked men in the bathroom.  He stayed calm, didn't argue, and cooperated.  The government assault teams aren't your pathetic, underpaid local street cops looking to shake you down for $100 pesos.  The guys with masks are serious men.  The bad news is that if you panic, they'll shoot you.  The good news is they are well paid and not looking to rob you or shake you down.  They're like Texas Rangers in the 1880s.  They're on the side of law and order, but more deadly than the bad guys they're hunting. 


Got a Matamoros strip club story to share?  Contact us, and we'll print it so everyone can learn from your experience. 


"That's what I love about these bar girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age. "