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Matamoros is another violence plagued border town with a lifetime supply of prostitutes in the strip clubs and brothels.  They're beautiful and inexpensive.  There are street hookers and independent girls advertising, but almost no escort services or high level independent call girls.   This is not Cancun,, Guadalajara or Culiacan, with high end massage parlors catering to wealthy visitors looking for a discrete moment with a pretty girl.  Matamoros is raw and direct, with a wealth of "down to business" women.  South Texas is not wealthy.  Sex in Matamoros is not a luxury experience, but it's very affordable.  For $50 an hour, you can enjoy full service with a beautiful young Mexican girl (7 to 9 on a 10 scale).   


Matamoros is located on the Rio Grande, next to Brownsville Texas at the southernmost tip of the United States.  It's climate isn't too hot, because of cool ocean breezes that blow in from the Gulf of Mexico, 20 miles away.  The economy (the non-drug economy) used to be based on agriculture, because of the huge irrigation zones.  Now,  Matamoros has maquiladora plants for companies like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, to name just a few.  PEMEX, the Mexican oil and gas company, has announced a multi-billion offshore drilling project for the port of Matamoros.  The long-future of mongering in Matamoros, awash with legitimate income from international industrial giants, couldn't be better.  In the meantime, though, mongers should continue to meet through forums and go in groups for safety.  There's nothing that brightens the eyes of a Mexican escort like a taxi full of rich gringos, pants bulging with pesos and looking for love.


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