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Brothels in Mexico can take many forms.  The first is what most people think of; a converted hotel, girls in the lobby.  You choose, pay and take her upstairs.  The second is the brothel bar, where you have a drink, pick a girl, buy her a drink, pay the bar fine to release the girl, and go to a third location.  (Usually an hourly hotel; the girl can tell you the options.)  The third is called a retiro, or "no tell motel".  Mexicans are no different than U.S. guys, they just have a better system.  Married men cheat.  What a Mexican man will do is drive into a retiro, which is a motel in a walled compound, and rent a room.  The rooms have private garage-like spaces to drive into.  The garages connect to the hotel room through a door.  You can bring a girl, call for an escort or choose one provided by the motel.  Often, there are several in the lobby where you rent your room.  Unless he is unfortunate enough to be seen driving in or leaving, a Mexican gentleman can enjoy himself discretely and not have troubles at home.  Do the wives know?  Mexican women will pretend they don't, and don't ask many questions. 


Undacovabrotha (undercover brother?), a black monger, writes about his retiro experience on the cityxguide " I drove across into Matamoros Sunday using the new bridge. I turned left at the second light (the first main street past the shopping plaza). I drove down about 1 to 2 miles and on the left hand side there is a motel called "Motel Parais". This motel is a drive in motel in which you drive straight into your garage and it closes behind you. I love this place. It's very discrete. They do have security. The staff is very friendly. My Spanish is very RAW and they were able to communicate with me. I paid 220 Pesos for 6hrs. That is roughly 17USD. Oh, yea, exchange money before crossing over and pick up a Mexican newspaper. Once I paid the fee and drove in, the staff closed the garage behind me. I walked in to a well cleaned appointed room with soft Mexican music playing. I ordered the daily meal special (50 pesos) that includes a soft drink. I sat back and looked in to the personal services ads of the newspaper. I noticed about 15 ads offering services. If you have Nextel, this will be your best option. Because, the numbers in the post are Mexican and Nextel walkie talkie numbers. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to use your walkie talkie. You alert the number and wait for a response. They responded back in Spanish. I was like um.. um.. Que tienes Chicas. (I know I know, I'm all the way left.) But, the guy understood. He told me what he had. I told him a lady that does everything and young. I told him where I was. Meanwhile, the food arrived in this thing that the person can't see you. The food was good. The lady arrived about 10 minutes later. They asked me to pay up front. I had to pay 800 pesos. I felt that was kinda expensive for 1 hours work. She was 22y/o morena from Veracruz. She was HOT! She was worth every bit of the hour. She peeled off my clothes and went to work without prompting (BJ). She placed on my condom (bring your own condoms) and laid me down. She loved riding me. I loved it too. Ha! But we ended up doing it in every position.  The hour was up quickly. She cleaned up and jetted. She left me her number before she left. Smiles! "  Other Retiro options are to pick up a girl from the streets, or call a girl from our independent list.  If you've got a walkie talkie and speak Spanish, I'm sure Da Brotha's newspaper advice is down.  He didn't wait long, which is always the challenge with any outcall anywhere.  Some mongers don't like newspapers, because there aren't any photos.  With a street girl, you see what you're getting.  (Disadvantage; cruising in bad parts of town, trying to find a girl before the police find you.  It's not illegal to look for a street prostitute, but it's an excuse for the fat lazy prick to start his shakedown process.  Both of you know he can take your car if you don't pay.)  The best independent escorts have ads describing their skills, at least one photo and a phone number.




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