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Why does a town of just 150,000 people have so many strip clubs?  There are two answers.  The first is the tourists.  The second is the port.  Manzanillo is an unspoiled tourist destination, without the annoying OPCs. (Aggressive street hustlers working for time share hotels, a nuisance in other beach resorts like Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta).   The Mexican tourists enjoy the beaches, the fishing and the strip clubs located on the main street.  Tourists arrive by car, cruise ship or air.  The port brings in merchant seaman from all over the world.  Manzanillo transfers more cargo than any other port in Mexico.  The sailors and tourists bring a sexual appetite and spending cash.  Taxi drivers know where these clubs are. 


The best strip club in Manzanillo is Las Caguamas.  If you can't pronounce it, you probably should not go.  But if you speak a little Spanish, or are with a group of guys, you might have an amazing experience.  Ask for a waitress named Edith. (pronounced "e DIT").  She's plump, about 50, fun and will keep you supplied with girls and drinks all night long.  She doesn't speak a word of English.  Las Caguamas has anywhere from 10 to 30 girls working.  Half are just there to hustle drinks.  The others both hustle drinks and are part time escorts.  Edith can help you connect with the right girl.  A $50 peso tip is polite EACH time she serves you.  Treat Edith right (or any strip club waiter) and you're guaranteed to have a great time. 


Another popular choice is El Caribe.  (Pronouced "El car E bay".) It's smaller, and a little more expensive.  Find a waiter you like.  He or she will know which girls are only hustling drinks and  which girls want to suck your cock.  Don't waste time with the "drinks only" girls.  Let your waiter introduce you to the girls who put out.   


There are other clubs, which go in and out of business regularly.  They all cost double to triple what Las Caguamas and El Caribe cost, which is why they go out of business.  Manzanillo strip clubs are far superior to the strip clubs in Colima, which is only an hour away. 




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