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There is a lot of overlap between Massage Parlors and Brothels in Manzanillo.  In fact, there's really no difference.  They have to call themselves massage parlors, have massage beds and you cannot pay one price.  You have to pay the house for a massage, and the girl for sex.  Otherwise, it's a brothel and brothels are illegal.  All the officials know there are no massages in the massage parlors.  Then, why do you have to fuck on a massage bed and pay both the house and then the girl?  Because otherwise it's a brothel, and brothels are illegal.  There may be more massage parlors in Colima.


There are 2 massage parlors near the entrance to the port in Barrio 1.  Most foreigners won't be comfortable even in a taxi.  The streets are not paved, there are no streetlights and it's a rough neighborhood.  If you are brave enough to go inside, the girls are not pretty, they act as if they are doing you a favor to take your money, no one speaks any English, and the houses are dark and dirty.   The result is that the businesses don't have money to invest, and the skankiest girls go to work there.  Almost no one goes to them, and they never go twice.