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We have a couple great escorts in Manzanillo, but it's not an escort town.


There are several brothels in Manzanillo, and all of them are terrible.  Most are near the port, southeast of the main tourist area and within a few blocks of the port.  This is where the sailors, merchant seaman and cruise ship workers have always gone.   If you want to rub elbows (and other body parts) with low class Filipino sailors, this is where you want to be.  The girls are ugly and have no enthusiasm, the rooms smell bad and the sheets get changed once a week.  Don't ask what that wet spot you are sensing is.  You don't want to know.  Manzanillo is the running for the worst brothel city in Mexico.  They are AWFUL.  For the same price, you can drink all night at a strip club, then go to your hotel and masturbate.  The sex will be 10X better than having some ugly Mexican whore text messaging the girls in the lobby while you're trying to stay hard inside her flabby VJ. 


The best girls can be found at the strip clubs.  Most aren't prostitutes.....normally.  However, if you speak a little Spanish, new world's will open up to you.  Either that, or you can try to find a taxista who knows some girls.  Many of the younger ones do. 


Forget the brothels in Manzanillo.  They are a serious waste of time and money.  There may be better brothels in Colima, only one hour away.