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Los Mochis is a "drive through" town, not a desitination.  It's much like Tepic, though not as nice, and not as many girls.  It does have a beach.  It is also controlled by a Sinaloa drug cartel.  If you're on your way to somewhere else, it's an OK place to stop for the night, have a beer and a girl. 


Los Mochis has an escort service, called (what else) Los Mochis Escorts.  The photo to the left is of Laura, one of their girls.  Laura is a 20 year old student, which is not rare in Mexico.  Without a system of student loans or high-paying part-time jobs like in the U.S. and Canada, it's not uncommon for girls to put themselves through school by being escorts.  They call these professional amateur "mujeres de la vida galante" or, "women of the gallant life".  It doesn't translate well, but you get the idea.  Most Mexican girls like sex.  REALLY like sex.  Look at that face, those eyes, that smile.  Does she look unhappy? Resentful?  Exploited?  One day she'll have a good job, get married and have kids.  Can you imagine the skills she'll have for her lucky husband? 


These ads have been translated.  No one advertising on this page speaks English.




Los Mochis Escorts


Is this guy for real?  The owner calls himself Dirty Dan.  He has two girls listed on his website.  His 4 day/3 night package costs $3,000.  It includes airfare, hotel, welcome cocktail party, (probably a beer at a local cantina) a tour of Los Mochis night life and one girl you keep for your entire stay in "glamorous" Los Mochis.   Swapping girls is OK.  Their minimum is 4 persons.  Wait a minute...he has 2 girls and a 4 person minimum....hmmm.    It might be fun to email and ask for details.  Be careful about paying in advance for anything in Mexico. 






I'm Karen, an independent escort.  I love passionate encounters, and will complete all your fantasies.  I make love with passion and imagination. 


6681 36 1676



Keren - 20 year old student


Hi, I'm Karen.  I'm new to the business.  I'm a student putting myself through school.  Call me for a good time. 


6681 25 6124



Michel - GFE, Anal, Women, Couples, Threesomes


When it comes to sex, I do it all and enjoy every moment.  Of course, I like vaginal sex in all the positions.  I also love giving (and receiving) oral sex.....with men or women.  I'll go down on your girlfriend while you fuck me doggie style.  I enjoy kissing, again both men and women.  If you get me hot enough, I'll let you fuck me in my ass. 





Yamileth - Many Chicas, One Number


We're professional companions, willing, friendly and polite.  Call us with your requirements.  We're sure to have the right girl for you.  I'm Yamileth, and I love playing the role of the schoolgirl.  Have I been bad?  How can I make it up to you?


6681 16 4563



Jade - Many Chicas, One Number


I work with many of the other girls here in Los Mochis.  My large breasts are sensitive, and all natural. 


6681 16 4563


America - Many Chicas, One Number


Do you like my body?  Then ask for me, America


6681 16 4563


Paulina - Many Chicas, One Number


I've got long legs, a pretty face and a willing mouth.  Ask for me, Paulina


6681 16 4563




Bianca - Many Chicas, One Number


Lay down and relax.  Let me give you a blowjob while my long, dark hair teases your stomach. 


6681 16 4563



Mirella - Many Chicas, One Number


I'm an escort from Los Mochis with big C-cup titties.  Would you like to lick one while I lick the other?  When I'm nice and wet, we can have Russian sex. 


6681 16 4563


Katy - Many Chicas, One Number


I'm Katy.  I'm a quiet girl with an explosive sexual appetite.  Please choose me. 


6681 16 4563


Nancy - Many Chicas, One Number


I like giving and receiving oral sex.  Choose me, please.


6681 16 4563



Transvestite / Travesti - GFE, Anal

Fully Functional; She's Willing To Go Top or Bottom


I'm a busty shemale, and want to complete your fantasies.  Unlike most trannies, I'll go on top or the bottom.  That's right, I'm fully functional.  Imagine the most sensuous, the most beautiful woman you've ever been with, only with a hard penis.  You can treat me like a woman, or we casn exchange pleasure.  It's up to you.  I'll treat you good no matter what you want.


6681 44 8250



Connecting With An Escort By Phone, Even If You Don't Speak Spanish


Note:  Almost all the girls operate from cell phones.  This link is to excellent instructions on how to place calls to Mexican phone numbers.  Usually, you just dial 044 first then her 10 digit number.  That's if you are already in Mexico, and the girl is local.  If the number is still a cell phone but it's a number from a different city, you dial 045 first.  (If all the ad numbers begin with "664", and her number starts "322", you can figure she's visiting.)  There are other numbers you have to dial first if you're calling from the United States, calling land lines within Mexico, etc.  Just click the link above.  It's just a few extra numbers, and the calls won't cost you much.  These women cost a fraction of what a comparable would cost in the U.S.  If you don't speak Spanish, offer someone who speaks Spanish and English $50 pesos (about $4) to help you make the call.  It's worth it. 



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