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For a traditional brothel, try Hotel Las Fuentes. 


What are the odds?  Not one, but two normal tourists found Los Mochis brothels by accident.  The first story involves a couple and their friend.  " Opting for a Motel before it got too dark, we pulled up outside the Motel Popeye. Daniel went in, to ask about camping in their car park, or look at their rooms. When he returned, he explained that it was a brothel, as there were prostitutes standing by the entrance. The room he looked at was basic, but it was OK, in addition to this, there was a garage we could park the car in. We agreed that this was probably the place to stay, and it seemed safe enough.  As it was a brothel, we got Amy out subtly, as it was against the rules to 'bring your own'. Inside the room, at the back of the garage, was a pole, for pole dancing, and on the ceiling was a mirror. It was a very bespoke brothel! "  What they found was a retiro, or "no tell motel".  They usually have a walled courtyard.  You drive inside, where you are no longer visible, rent your room and select your girl from those waiting in the lobby.  You usually have a "garage", a slot covered with plastic sheeting that's connected to your room.  Your car can't be seen, even if someone pulls into the retiro.  Nice and private.  The room photo they took is on the lower left. 


A nother traveler accidentally found a brothel in Los Mochis as well.  " I spent Sunday night in a pretty sleazy motel in Los Mochis. There were a couple dozen hookers outside, and the motel staff didn't want to rent me a room for the whole night. In the room, there was a sheet on the bed, porn on TV, and a shower with hot water. The ash trays were glued to the tables. If you've got information on Los Mochis, whether it's brothels, strip clubs or escorts, please contact us and share your story.