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There's a new swinging club starting in Nuevo Laredo.  You can find them on OLX. Does one of you speak Spanish?  Contact these enterprising swingers and see if you can get involved!  If you have a new club and would like to publicize it, please contact us.


To make contact with other Mexican swingers in the Nuevo Laredo area, use the ads they've placed on OLX and Locanto.  All the photos on this page were taken from those ads.  BTW, we've been asked why there are very few photos of the men.  For some reason, male Mexican swingers love photos of their dicks.  Not the body, not the face, just the dick.  There are plenty of gay porn sites where they can place these photos, but not here. 


If you don't speak Spanish, you might want to try the swingers on the American side.  There is the Laredo Swingers SiteLaredo Swingers Personal Ads, and a website called SwingTowns that requires membership. We can't vouch for any of these sites, but they should help you get started.


One of the best places to search for links to other swingers is the nasca website.  Nasca is both an organization and a website.  The website lists over 3,000 swing clubs worldwide, travel agencies with swinging information, and individual ads.  If the idea of being on a cruise ship with several hundred swinging couples is appealing, check out the website at  The Swingers Cruise.


If you're a swinging couple or single female looking to hook up with a couple, we will place your ad for $300 pesos.  Send us your information at paul@escortsofmexico.com .  Single men are welcome.  Using up to 200 words, describe yourself/yourselves and what you are looking for.  A photo is not necessary, but you probably won't get any response without one.  Couples with photos of both the lady and the gentleman get the most response.   If you'd like to send a photo and have us blur your face before publication, we'll do the Photoshop work for an additional $50 pesos.



Swing Club of the Month

Desire Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya


Swingers all over the world (mostly from the U.S.) come to Mexico to complete their tropical wife swap fantasies.  While Desire has 3 resorts in Cancun, Desire Riviera Maya is where more exchanges take place.  All-inclusive packages come with gourmet food, planned parties and total privacy for "clothing optional".  Everything you could ever want is right here, but you're still minutes from Cancun.  More information .... 


  Desire Riviera Maya website