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The Ultimate Strip Club List, which is usually not current in Mexico, says there are 9 strip clubs in Nuevo Laredo.  Most are in Boys Town.  A monger who calls himself Mac Daddy writes about the Danash strip club on the World Sex Guide.  The taco men advised me to visit Danash at the end of the street. Which I did. Let me tell you. This place was way better. Actually, is a strip bar. I sat down and a couple of girls came to talk, but they were not my type. Finally, I saw this nice short and white skin girl sitting in the corner. She was the kind of those who look very shy and don't say much. But I just kept watching the other girls dancing. I think one of the waiters realized that I was looking at the shy girl from time to time.

So he went to get for me, without me telling him anything, I was impressed. Anyway, she came to sit on my lap and was gorgeous seeing her from a close view. She was very friendly and laughed of my jokes. I had to buy some drinks for her. Eventually, my power, thanks to the cialys came back and I asked her to go to a private place and talk. She took me to one of the private trip rooms and let me grab and touch her. We even kissed. So that was it.

At the end of the song it was time to go upstairs. I think was $80 for 1/2 hour. But it was well spent. She treated me like her boyfriend. We kissed. I couldn't help it, but I had to go downstairs. I think she fell in love with me, because she came twice. After that, it was my turn. I was like a rock, so had amazing sex. I came as she was riding me. She told me I was an amazing pussy sucker; well she was so good. It was an awesome experience."
  To skeptics, this is a common tale and why so many American guys love Mexican hookers.  These escort girls live in the moment.  If you're good to them, they are good to you.  In their culture, the hookers fall in love all the time.  You can fake an orgasm (they don't) but you can't fake the chemistry.  Nice going, Mac Daddy. 


A very innocent tourist has a good story of his experience with the local clubs.  Hint: he discovers to his horror that there are prostitutes in Mexico. No wayyyyy! 


One fun place we've heard of is El Gusano (the worm), a lesbian pickup bar that is a great place to drink and watch people.  It's outside Boy's Town.  El Gusano has transcended it's "lesbian only" status and has become universally popular.  However, if you're a girl looking for another girl in Nuevo Laredo, it's a great place to start your search.  Every cabbie in town will know where it is.