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Finding Girls for Sex in Nuevo Laredo


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Nuevo Laredo is sister city to Laredo, Texas, neighbors along the banks of the Rio Grande.  Like South Texas, it's hot and dry.  In the winter, desert temperatures drop below freezing.  There are a little more than 300,000 people living in Nuevo Laredo, though the drug violence is so bad that the population may be decreasing.  Approximately 8,500 big rigs cross the three international crossings each day.  All major highway and rail systems in both the U.S. and Mexico converge here.  Unlike some other frontiera (border) towns, Nuevo Laredo isn't a manufacturing/industrial community. 70% of all Mexican exports to the U.S. run across one of the three bridges.  Nuevo Laredo specializes in international trade, including drugs.   It's not the carefree place to find an escort that it once was.  Nuevo Laredo is home of the Zetas.  The history of the Zetas, the Gulf Cartel and their battles with the Mexican Government and each other isn't what this website is about.  However, it's hard to talk about finding escorts in a war zone without mentioning the war.  If you're interested in the story, you'll find an impartial history on wiki.  Another good source for both day-to-day info and history is Borderland Beat


Finding escorts for sex in Nuevo Laredo isn't a High End Experience.  It's dirty, dusty and poor.  People on both sides of the border are scared.   A lot of sex continues to be sold in town and it happens with hookers, not escorts.  There are no escort services in Nuevo Laredo, but lots of independent chicas advertise.  But when you talk about sex in Laredo, you are really talking about Boy's Town.


Boy’s Town is a walled compound in Nuevo Laredo.  It serves as a “zone of tolerance” where almost anything goes. It's just five streets, but this red-light district is one of the most active in the world, with strip clubs, brothels, transvestite bars, and sex shows all night long. Any legal sex you want is available within the compound, and many illegal things as well. The brothels operate legally under the careful control of the Mexican government.  Boy’s Town is sometimes brimming with bars, restaurants, and shops. It has been a fun place to party, with inexpensive drinks and live music that exists apart from the sex industry.

When entering La Zona, taxis drop off clients and bar hoppers at the entrance, where men are subject to possible pat downs by police. Inside the walls are several streets full of bars, clubs, and small hotel rooms containing women and transvestites. Bars even advertise events such as the donkey show, yet rarely ever go through with the act.  P.T. Barnum would have felt right at home.  The one-room hotel rooms are where independent working women operate.

Nuevo Laredo has seen better days. Gun-battles occur regularly between the Zetas, Gulf Cartel, and Mexican Military.  Though Boy's Town is not the main area of violence, it's not relaxed and carefree, either. The U.S. Consulate advises caution.  If you have recent information, please contact us. 


There's an interesting website with a photo history of  Boy's Town worth looking at.