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We put hooker bars in the brothel section.  They're closer to being brothels than they are strip clubs.  They used to be concentrated  in BoysTown, but now they are downtown as well.  For newbies, a hooker bar is where you go to meet your "escort".  When you've struck your deal, you take her to a hotel with hourly room rates, usually another location nearby.  You don't need to know this before going.  Your chica will all about it.  Just know that when you're negotiating, you have to find out how far the room is, how much it costs and how long that amount gives you.  It's sad to rent an attractive chica for 2 hours and find out later the hotel charges every 15 minutes. 


A monger named Graphile says that the better NL brothels are outside Boy's Town, and in the downtown area.  He goes on to share some experience on the cityxguide.  See the article where he covers Where to Go.  Below, he shares some fine-tuned strategies. 


- Do get to the bars when they start hopping around 7pm. After 2am some of them close down, the girls flock to the remaining bars that are open, and seem to spend the rest of the evening (til 6am) getting just one (apparently chronically flaccid) client to buy them drinks.
- Do try standing outside and watching the chicks arrive at work to select the best looking one. Also watch for the ones that are bouncing back and forth like ping-pong balls between the hotels and the bars - they are usually the hottest ones (as judged by the other clients anyway). When you do head into the bars to make your final selection, keep moving around, head to the restroom if some chick begins hovering, etc - until you are ready to choose.
- If you want your second best hottie later on, hopefully she works at a different bar and belongs to a different click of friends (most girls are pretty competitive with each other - so, at worst, potential \"blacklisting\" is usually contained within relatively small clicks). Nevertheless, wait outside the bar at a distance and wait for your first hottie to leave the bar with another client so you can swoop down on your next hottie without a problem developing. Tact is a good thing :)
 Good advice, Graphile. Smart mongers avoid conflicts, though your story raises the bar of "hooker jealousy" to new heights.  However, there are worse things in life than having women fighting over the right to keep you sexually satisfied.  Your life is charmed if that's your top problem.  You mentioned a good time to monger in Nuevo Laredo is early in the evening.  There are other advantages to early mongering; safety and safety being the top two.  Your advice about continuing to move was a wonderful detail. 


The photo on the left is of the world famous Tamyko Brothel in Boy's Town, Nuevo Laredo.  On the right is some club in Boy's Town offering a donkey show.  Rumor is that they don't do it any more, they just advertise it. 


Are you local? Which has better women, Boy's Town or Downtown Nuevo Laredo?  Please contact us and share your experience.  We promise to publish it exactly as you wrote it.