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Strip Clubs in Juarez


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Most of the sex action in Juarez is with the streetwalkers, massage parlors and brothels.  The perception is that Juarez is dangerous when sober, and that drinking is a sure way to get in trouble with the police or attract cholos.  (Street thugs.)  Unfortunately, many Juarez businesses are shutting down.  Not just strip clubs.  Violence and police corruption have been very bad for business.    


Security disclaimers completed, Juarez is a town that knows how strip clubs in Mexico should operate.  They don't pretend to be Las Vegas (like Monterrey), a religious community (Durango) or a luxury resort community with prostitutes like Cancun.  Juarez is more like Monterrey, the Gold Standard of Mongering.  All the clubs have either small rooms for privados or actual hotel rooms.  Your dancer is hungry for business, and wants you to choose her.  Some strip club names from the recent past are The Pink Lady (bad reviews), The Joker (good reviews).  Other names are Luxxor, Gentleman's Club, El Encanto, Sileutas, Genesis and Amadeus.  If you have info on who's open and who's not, please contact us.


The Pink Lady is a club that works more on commission than reputation.  If you cross the border on foot, you'll be assaulted by hungry cab drivers.  The shooting of an American soldier, drug violence and ultra corrupt local police have all scared away business, and the cabbies compete fiercely for fares.  They want to take you to The Pink Lady because the commissions are highest.  According to all reports, though, the club itself is a disappointing combination of ordinary looking dancers and high prices. 


The Joker is a popular strip club in Juarez, with a better combination of beautiful women and low prices.  . If you're driving, here's a detailed map of the area with The Joker marked at the center.  If you'd like to see a video of Adriana, a dancer at Jokers, a monger named JTown Junkie uploaded a movie from his personal stash on an x-rated website.  She's pretty sweet, and her body is anywhere from a 7 to a 10, depending on your taste.


A new Mexican monger named Praetorianman writes on the cityxguide.  "First Visit was to Pink Lady- don't waste your time there, not a lot of girls, about a 4-5 and very expensive. Second Visit- Siluetas- good selection of girls and about a 7-8. On my second trip I even stopped and got a great meal at a restaurant. Third Visit- Genesis- good selection of girls and about a 7-8. It is worth mentioning that the ladies across the border have a great attitude and are eager to please. Beats the service of Back-page by a ten-fold.  The thrill of crossing over to monger is awesome...and beats the lack of action in El Paso and the risk of getting arrested by LE...not worth it."