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JTown Junkie posted a recent report on the cityxguide about the Venus Massage Parlor.  "After the motel I drove to Venus Masajes. I fucked a nice looking girl named PERLA. I had fucked her a few times already. She has nice legs, cute sleepy eyes, pretty feet, brunette hair, thin. A very good fuck when she wants to be. She's about to give me a BBBJ. I told her to sit on the chair. Her phone rang and she answered. So she's sitting down and talking on the phone to some chick who's taking care of her kid. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I'm just standing there listening. So I said the hell with this and shoved my dick in her mouth while she was talking (LOL). She's blowing me at the same time that she's on the phone. (listening while blowing me-she says a few words- listening while blowing me-a few more words-blowing me again-etc.). This girl was a pro (LOL). That shit turned me on. My dick was Hard as steel. So she gets off the phone and now I'm really Hot. She was already naked but still had on her black high heels. I rarely do this with a working girl but I was really horny so we did a 69 on top of the massage table. Then I had her lay on her back on the side of the massage table while I was standing up and entered her in missionary. After about 20 minutes, I took off her shoes while my dick was still inside her, I put her feet on my chest and continued to fuck her good. She started to get wet. I pounded her hard while her head kept hitting the wall (lmao). Then she rode me really good and hard. A lot of moans and groans. Great Sex! Afterwards I took some pics of her naked and a video.  Looks-with clothes (6) naked (5 1/2) Sex (a solid 8).   I'm surprised that no one interrupted us because we were in the room for about 1 hr and 35 min."  That's a photo of Perla on the lower left.  The one below her is another Venus girl.  The guy who posted it said he had sex with her because he "didn't want to spend money on a hot chick".  If these girls are the rejects, the "hot chicks" must be really hot. 


When you're lost in a spa in Juarez

And it's Easter time too

And your love muscles are tight

And your puta don't know what to do

Don't you have any fears

Your massage lady knows what to do

She's got some nasty little fingers

They're gonna work it all outta you.


Apologies to Bob Dylan and "Just Like Tom Thumb Blues"



Luxxor Massage was a very classy place, but is now closed due to the business environment.  Their website is still up.  If you're local, it might be worth checking back once a month to see if anything has changed.