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Finding Hookers in Juarez


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Juarez is the northernmost city in central Mexico, strategically located on the border of El Paso, Texas, but within driving distance to New Mexico.  It's a desert community; warm to scorching hot in the daytime all year long, but below freezing at night in the winter.  Until the 1930's, there was free border access back and forth.  Now there are four international border crossings connecting Juárez and El Paso, including the Bridge of the Americas, Ysleta International Bridge, Paso del Norte Bridge, and Stanton Street Bridge. This easy access, plus cheap real estate and an well-educated Mexican workforce have brought 300 assembly plants to Juarez.  It's tough to get accurate numbers for the population, industrial base or business.  People come because of the jobs, and leave because of the violence.  Estimates say that as many as 40% of the businesses have closed.  That includes strip clubs, brothels, massage parlors and the only escort service in the area.


Juarez has suffered some very bad press.  Local mongers talk more about safety than they do about women.  Some feel comfortable being out at 2AM.  Others have stopped going.  The one's who still go are very cautious.  They avoid cholos.  (Street punks, often friendly, always dangerous.)  All the reports say there are police and military everywhere.  The local police aren't paid well, but there are a lot of them.  Everyone agrees the local police are the biggest hazard.  They shake down Gringos regularly like panhandlers with uniforms and guns.  Stupid?  The one group that could lift the local economy is targeted for police harassment?  Local mongers dress shabby, don't make eye contact and walk like they're going somewhere. They don't drink much (bummer) or give the local cops any cause to detain them.  If they are stopped, they respond to common cop questions correctly.  ("Where do you work" is a Mexican cops' way of asking "How much money can I shake you down for?"  Correct answer "I haven't worked in over a year.")   They have stories for where they're going, who they're meeting....everything to convince the corrupt policia you don't have enough money to steal.  If you're comfortable with these silly games, the rewards are huge.  The most beautiful and skilled girls who were quoting $1,500 and more for an entire night of full service (which isn't bad at all) are now settling for $800 at the absolute tops.  (That's $60 to $80 dollars at the TOP of the scale.) Some guys claim BBBJs (blowjob without condom) from attractive girls for $125 pesos.  (That's $10.)  How risky is it?  (Going to Juarez, not the BBBJ.)  That's the big question these days.  Local mongers debate the issue on forums. Normally, experienced mongers like to go alone.  In Juarez, they often go together for safety.   Contact us if you have recent experiences, safety concerns, and the falling price of escorts in Juarez.


At left, the U.S. Border Patrol at work on the Rio Grande.