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Bugambilias Motel is the Juarez brothel (casa de citas) everyone is talking about.  It's located on Gomez Morin, a half mile from The Joker, a strip club.  A local monger called Jtown Junkie talks about his experience there on the cityxguide forum.   "The Bugambilias motel also has two pretty good porn channels to get you hot while you wait and you can also order Tecate beers with lemon & salt. On Tuesdays they have buy one get one free. And you can also order Mexican food and pizza which they deliver to you quickly. Each room has water and a condom. The room is $30. It's cool because there are garages. You park your car inside and they close the garage and you walk upstairs to your room. Many rooms have a sex device. It's a leather piece of furniture that lays on the ground and is curved in a certain fasion which allows for you and her to fuck in many different positions. It even comes with a manual of the different sexual positions that you can use on it. I have used it. It is fun and different but I prefer the bed. Each room also has an entire mirrored wall which I personally love to use for eye candy and for better visuals when I'm recording our sex together. Some rooms have a jacuzzi too. A funny thing. I believe that Foxy Juarez (an escort service) still provides Bugambilias with these profile cards of their escorts. The guys will show you these lamenated cards attached to a key ring. Each card has a picture of an escort with a little profile on the back of the card as you flip each card to choose the girl that you want to be with. Then the guys call for you and within 35 minutes the girl arrives. The guys already get a small piece of the pie for recommending the agency but I still tip them $10. The girl can range from $40  to $120 but you can always bargain. Like I said, The Bugambilias is a Fuck Motel bigtime! You see couples driving in and out constantly.  But this motel is best to drive a car to. Walking there would be kinda strange because of it's set-up." 

Any taxi driver should be able to take you there, (you should never feel strange about anything in Mexico) but if you're driving here's a street map of the area