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You can find outcall massage girls on our escorts page, or do like the gentleman below and get help from a taxista.


A traveler who calls himself Horny in Mexico had a typical Ixtapan massage experience....in Zihuatenejo!  He wrote on the worldsexguide forum "I took a taxi for a ride to do some shopping and casually mentioned to the driver that it would be nice to find some "chicas bonitas". He picked up on the hint immediately and asked if I'd like him to take me to a good place. Why, yes, of course! He drove me to Zihuantenejo.  The massage was $30 (basically a cover charge, since there was no actual massage), and "sexo" was an additional $120. I told her I just wanted a BJ, and we settled on $70 for that. She then took off her clothes (great tits) and went to work at the task at hand. (or in mouth, as the case may be). I must say, it's hard to imagine a better blowjob. No condom, and she had just the perfect technique - she'd take me deep into her throat, then back out again, with lots of nice contact with every part of her mouth except the teeth. Absolutely perfect. She varied the pace and technique, picking up on my verbal cues perfectly. I'd been on the bed so far, but then I stood up and wanted her to get down on her knees and continue to suck me (my favorite bj position). I loved looking down and watching my cock go in and out of that beautiful little mouth. Finally I was ready, and she swallowed every single drop and licked me clean. Really a very, very nice experience. My driver then took me back. I sort of assumed that he got a commission from the establishment, so I didn't give him a huge tip - I hope I handled that correctly."  You did everything perfect!  Yes, your driver almost certainly received a delivery commission.  Chicas respect a man who doesn't accept the first price, although it's not always possible to negotiate as well as you did.  That may be one reason your BBBJ was so amazing.  Congrats! 






Hi, Guys  I'm Karla, a local massage therapist.  I charge $200 USD an hour.  I give real massages and full service, not just a bad rubdown and a handjob.  I'm worth every penny.  Call me for details.