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Ixtapa is one of the newest resort cities in Mexico.  In the 1970's, it was a coconut plantation when the federal government decided to get involved in tourism.  They picked locations in Ixtapa and Cancun and went to work making planned communities.  Cancun became world famous, but Ixtapa (Eeks-tah-pah) is off many people's radar. Too bad.  There are 5,000 hotel rooms and a population of 6,000.   Ixtapa has beautiful beaches and islands to explore.  There is sun 300 days a year, and the average temperatures are constant in the mid-to high-80's all year long.  The rainfall isn't excessive (about 40 inches a year) but lush lowland jungle vegetation often runs to the waters edge.


Unlike Cancun, Ixtapa wanted to be more of a couples/family destination.  There is almost no prostitution in Ixtapa.  Don't fret.  They moved it to Zihuatanejo, (pronounced "see-wha-tah-NAY-ho".....just remember "say what?"), just 3 miles away.  Zihuatanejo now has over 100,000 people.   It's the Mexican town that services the high end resort community of Ixtapa.  That's why they are often mentioned in the same breath...Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo.  Kinda rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?  As one of the most important resorts in Mexico, Ixtapa had to be included in our website.  However, Zihuatanejo is where you need to be.  That's were the strip clubs and escorts are.