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Finding a Playmate on Isla Mujeres



How does a town of 12,000 and an island 4 miles long with no night life to speak of get on an escort directory list of major Mexican cities?  Isla Mujeres is where the Mayans worshipped their fertility goddess.  How could we not include the Island of Women?  Besides, it's an important day trip out of Cancun .  There's almost no night life on Isla Mujeres.  That's what Cancun is for.  So, where do you monger?  The short answer is "before and after", both in Cancun.  Isla Mujeres has massage and "piano bars." (Hint: no piano, but they do make music with your flute).  You get off the boat, find someone who knows where things are, and spend a nice couple hours out of the sun.  (If you're like most visitors, you'll have had too much Caribbean sun by the time you get to Isla Mujeres.)  There is a local website for regular tourists that's worth visiting.  But smart visitors enjoy an escort or two in Cancun before arriving, rest in Isla Mujeres, and start the party again in Cancun. 


Isla Mujeres is a fun little place, set up for day tripping.  It's sort of a mini-Cozumel.  There's diving, but it's better in Cozumel.  It's pretty, but Cozumel is prettier.  If you want an easy adventure out of Cancun, though, Isla Mujeres is just 20 minutes away by boat.   You take the boat in the morning and return in the afternoon.  The crystal waters are great for diving or snorkling.  It's a safe, clean place to explore.  There are lots of shops to keep somebody busy for a few hours.  Which is where the escorts come in.  There aren't any.  If you don't mind paying for the VERY EXPENSIVE travel costs, the escorts listed below will come and visit you.  It's MUCH less expensive to go to Cancun and meet them there.


Helena - Visiting From Kiev, Ukraine


How can a girl this pretty be that horny?  Helena is a hot-blooded lover from the cold region of the Ukraine, and ready to make all your fantasies come true.  Fair warning; she has a reputation of leaving her clients exhausted, drained of energy and bodily fluids.  You can phone Helena directly, or use  Live Chat with Helena .  Helena is available for both incall and outcall.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726     Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189

Azul - 18 years Old

Barely Legal Cancun Escort


There's a little of the "dirty old man" in all of us, and Azul brings it out.  She has the body of a woman, but is still a naughty little child.  And she's just five feet tall.  She's new to the escort life, but already enjoys the attention.  Azul would love to be an eager student if you'll play the role of experienced teacher.  She's not innocent, but enjoys pretending she's a child.  If you have fantasies of violating a young girl, 18 year old Azul will widen her eyes, put a pretty pout on her childlike face and wait for you to have your way with her.  Live chat with Azul.


Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726 Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189

Gaby - Big Breasted Beach Girl

Anal Escort in Cancun


Check out that body!  Gaby is the most beautiful gym rat you'll ever meet.  She keeps her body perfect, hoping you'll want to have anal sex with her.  She's a slender, tiny girl with beautiful, full breasts that seem to jump off her chest.  We don't know what exercises she uses to make her butt cheeks (called "pompis" in Spanish), but whatever she's doing, her lovers are appreciate her effort, and her ass.  If you haven't experienced anal sex, Gaby would love to teach you.  Fast and hard, slow and sensual, Gaby wants you to lube her and enjoy her.   Live Chat With Gaby 


Toll Free: +1-888-364-5726 Local: +52-998-980-0502
WhatsApp: +52-1-998-321-3189