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hermosillo skyline at dusk


It's about 200 miles from Hermosillo to Tucson.  One third of the State of Sonora lives here, so you know there are escorts somewhere.  Hermosillo is the only city in Mexico that delivers purified water to its population, which is around 900,000.  (Clean water = healthy hookers.) It's also huge, with the agricultural area of town alone covering 230 hectares.  You might want to see the Centro Ecológico de Sonora (Ecological Center of Sonora).  You can't party with the whores all the time.  The Center has more than 300 species of plants and 200 species of animals. All of the animals live in recreated natural habitats, which helps preserve the flora and fauna of the state. They've got animals and plants from the four main habitats of the state: mountains, grassland, desert and sea. Ford has a manufacturing facility here.  If you're in Hermosillo, check out Plaza Zaragoza.  It's the main square at the center of the city.  It's huge, with the state government palace and a beautiful church.


You probably don't use this website to find churches, though.  Hermosillo is relatively prosperous, which means traditional morality, so prostitution is driven to the sidelines.  It's still there, but there are only one to two strip clubs Map of northern Mexico showing Hermosilloand you'll need a cab driver to find the brothels (casa de citas). 


The World Sex Guide has the following report on Hermosillo.  "Hermosillo is the largest city in the state of Sonora. To the north, it borders on Arizona and the city itself is approximately 3 hours casual drive from Nogales, AZ. When in Hermosillo, don't forget to stop by the strip club, La Habana. Tickets for a dance is 150 (peso) for about 8 miniutes. The girls will take you for a private dance in the back. Most girls can be bought at the club for 1500 pesos. I recommend if you are are staying long to negotiate with the girls & most girls will be willing to go to your hotel/casa on their day off. Pay no more than 1000 (pesos) if that's the case. There are also a lot of massage houses in the cities, and they range from 800-950 (pesos) for 1 hour (full service) ".