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There are massage parlors in Guadalajara, but the big competition is with esteticas.  Esteticas are a combination beauty parlor, massage parlor and brothel.  (About the only thing they don't do is strip on a pole.)  The correct spanish phrase is "esteticas masculinas guadalajara".    If you started with strip clubs and weren't happy, you're not alone.  Guadalajara is one of the most romantic cities in Mexico. 


A typical estetica maculina is shown at right.  It's located at 979 Morelos, just off Ave. Juarez (one of the main GDL streets).  You'll not find them advertising in neon on the main roads, or even with much signage once you find the address.  You walk in, and anywhere from 1 to 10 girls will greet you.  You negotiate price, time and sex acts, though don't be surprised if they offer one price, one program and stick to it. 


Smithers (what a name) puts it succinctly when he says on the International Sex Guide " My advice to anyone trying the esteticas is to find some you have a good session with. If the second session is even better, you've got a solid squeeze for your time in GDL. If the second session is blah, keep on moving. There are plenty of esteticas." Post after post from Guadalajara  says the same thing. They're everywhere.  Being the second biggest metropolitan area in Mexico, Guadalajara is spread out over a wide area including Zapopan and Tlaquepaque.  In border towns or tourist cities, it's practical to put all the sex services, strip clubs, brothels, massage parlors and street prostitutes, in one area.  en Guadalajaraestán en todas partes.  The esteticas seem to be everywhere. 


They still have massage parlors, though.  El Mojado (the Dark Man) writes in a recent post on the International Sex Guide "Dany is now running her own, very modern styled, massage parlor with other women who had left Geisha. It is called "Dany's". She is not your average "madame". She actually treats her workers as equals and with a much better attitude. It is so much better when you really like the person you are with and they like you too. And being a repeat client sure helps. If you treat these women well and continue seeing them over time, you'll be pleasantly surprised how well they will treat you! Anyway, Estetica Dany's is on Avenida De La Paz #1561 between the streets of Enrique Diaz De Leon and Belgica. Take a taxi to "Restaurante Vegetariano" so you can avoid the taxi's commission. A quickie, one "pop".30 minutes with full service. 1 "pop", costs $350 Pesos. 45 minutes with 1 "pop" costs $450 Pesos. And 1 full hour with 2 "pops" costs $800 pesos. I generally tip about 10%".  Great post, El Mojado!  Wonderful attitude; positive and respectful.  Thanks for the tip on the taxi, and the tip on tipping!  A great tip for good service is $200 pesos in most of Mexico.  The house gets at least half of your initial money.  $200 pesos is like $16 USD.  A tip like that nearly doubles what the girl gets.





Hi, I'm 100% Tapatia, which means I was born in Guadalajara and have lived her all my life.  Don't be afraid.  I'll give you a good massage, and much more.  I'm submissive.  Call me and ask for more information. 





Marta - Incall Massage


You win! Spend a pleasant moment with a hot, horny woman. I am eager to meet you, so call me. Let's start with an erotic massage to relax you, then we can do whatever you like. I can go to your apartment or meet you at your hotel. My apartment is very discrete. I live and work alone.





Emma - 8 hours $340 USD



GFE.  Likes to start with a creamy massage, then go to 69.  One hour, $100 USD.  19 years old.  Speaks Spanish only, but has an interpreter who sets up your appointment.  Can work on short notice.   





Parvati - Four Handed Massage


Ever had a 4 handed massage with a Happy Endling?  Get naked with us.  Bring your wife for a foursome, enjoy my girlfriend for a threesome, or it can be just you and me.  With your naked body totally relaxed after your massage, there are no limits to what we can enjoy.  Delicious.  Ask about our options and prices.  If you are serious, we'll send you more revealing photos.  


3335 04 3683





I'm a happy person, and I enjoy being with men with as few inhibitions as me.  I'm only 20, slim, with long dark hair.  I offer you a massage with an ending that will leave you more than happy.  Use your imagination, and use my body for your enjoyment.  I like a man who knows what he wants.  We can take our time, because I'm an independent escort and answer to no one.  Call me for a good time. 


044 3314 24 3822



Erika - One hour, $65 USD



23 years old, a massage expert.  Erika prides herself on being a Mexicana who looks Scandinavian. 








I'm the woman to star in all your fantasies. I'll give you a relaxing massage, with both of us naked.  After you're relaxed, we can do different things.  My succulent services are yours for the taking.  I taste good, and I want you to eat me.  I'll be your new favorite dish.  Of course, I'd love to return the favor, and have you in my mouth. You'll enjoy every minute of my company, I promise you. 

044 3310 40 61 08




OMG! Estetica Masculina


The rooms in OMG! are a little nicer than other esteticas.  Other than that, the big difference is in the price.  OMG! charges more, without doing anything better.  Most esteticas masculinas charge $350 for a basic 45 minute session.  If you want GFE and BBBJ, that's $100 extra.  At OMG! 30 minutes is $500.  ($150 more for 15 minutes less.)  If you want GFE and BBBJ, it's $900.  The girls are nothing special; 5, 6 and 7's,  the average in other places.  The owners do great advertising, however.





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