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The Municipality of Ecatepec (which means "windy hill") is 13 miles, or 21 kms from Mexico City.  They are both in the State of Mexico.  When you're there, it all seems like one big place.  If the population of 1,600,000 were resettled to the middle of the Sonoran desert or put along the U.S. border, everyone would know about it.  With a population equal to Guadalajara, Ecatepec is the biggest city in Mexico no one has heard of.  (Pronounced E-cah-toe-peck.) Although Ecatepec was one of the first settlements in Mexico, it's now basically a nasty Mexico City neighborhood.  As you can see to the left, it doesn't even show up on the map until you zoom in on Mexico City. 


The earliest remains of Aztec civilization were found in Ecatepec in the form of a military outpost to protect trade routes into Mexico City.  Lately, the main claim to fame for Ecatepec is the murder rate.  The Mexico City bedroom community is notorious for drug violence.  See the map to the left.  It's a little hard to read.  It shows the rate of drug murders in Mexico City.  Ecatepec is listed as a district.  It's near the top of the map, in the darkest color, similar to dried blood.  On average, someone is executed for drug violence every three days.  They're not counting normal murders, just obvious drug executions.


You'd do better to think of Ecatepec as a district of Mexico City, rather than a separate entity.  We have info about where to find prostitutes, strip clubs, massage parlors, and brothels  in Ecatepec.  However, there's a lot more for you in Mexico City, just a short trip away.   If you like outcall escorts, you will call Ecatepec heaven.  The choice of girls advertising is pretty sensational.  Most of them are beautiful.  Whatever your favorite body type or personality, it's only a phone call away.


The nice surprise about Ecatepec is the swinging scene.  It's huge.  There are literally hundreds of ads, if you count both Ecatepec and Mexico City.  When you hook up, please contact us and tell us more about the local scene.


This lonely looking building is one of the cultural beacons of Ecatepec.  It's the Faro Del Viento ("lighthouse of wind") theatre.  It kinda says "we live here, but the culture is in Mexico City."  Looks like some airport tower, or a good place to dump a body.


 EscortsStrip ClubsMassage ParlorsBrothels Swingers