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The damas of Durango can keep sex for sale off the streets, but they can't stop the escorts from advertising on the  internet.  You can try to get help from your hotel bellman, a taxi driver or bartender.


There are a lot of online ads for cam shows in Durango.  First, you send a request to add the chica to your MSN "friend" list.  She of course agrees.  Before you connect, you pay a few hundred pesos, then log on for a video chat.  You see and hear her. She doesn't have to see you or hear you.   You can type instructions for what you want to see. You interact, tell her what you like and watch the show.  When these girls list a menu on their ads, this is what they do to themselves at their end.  They rarely have a partner, and mostly use toys.  You are both in the privacy of your own rooms.  It's cheap, quick and no one ever gets the clap from a cam show.  Just be careful giving out your credit card information. 







Do you like my body?  I'm agreeable to whatever you want.  Just tell me.  I offer complete service.  Call for details.  Spanish speaking only.


3317 09 2554



Little Whore - Cam Show


I work from my house.  I'll do what you want. 




Cristine - Cam Show


Add me to your MSN.  For 500 pesos, I'll put on a show you'll never forget with my mouth, my pussy, even up my ass.  Don't send me an email, just add me.  Spanish only. 





Evelin - Cam Show


I offer escort services of oral, vaginal and anal.  It doesn't matter where you are. 




Laura - Cam Show


Only $350 pesos, and I'll put on a show in your home, apartment or hotel room.  I do oral, anal and vaginal, all your fantasies. Spanish only.  Just add me to your MSN. Spanish only.




Karen - Cam Show


I'm hot, horny and beautiful.  Add me to your MSN.  Spanish only.







Margaret - Cam Show


I don't respond to emails, just add me, and for $350 I'll rock your world.  I'll do whatever you want.  Spanish only.





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