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Finding Dirty Damas in Durango


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The City of Durango is also the capital city of the State of Durango.  (Think New York, New York, minus Albany.)  It's located about 200 km east of Mazatlan, is home to half a million Mexicans and growing.  There's not much tourism, though that's changing.  You never have to look too far in a large city in Mexico to find a prostitute, but Durango is not a party town.  Escorts are cautious about their online ads, and the brothels are discrete. It hosts the Feria Nacional De Durango (Durango's National Festival) and attracts close to one million visitors each summer.  However, this isn't carnival and Durango isn't Rio. 


It's a nice place.  Sometime in 2013, they expect the Mazatlan-Durango highway to be completed.  It's already 90% finished.  This will cut the car travel time from 8 hours to two, increasing tourism (and probably sex entertainment) for Durango. When Mazatlan (built on a swamp) gets to be 100 degrees heat and over 90% humidity, Durango is dry and 20 degrees cooler.  The City doesn't have the level of violence that plagues much of Mexico, including Mazatlan.  Half the population owns their own homes and over half the citizens proudly trace their roots back to Europe (primarily Spain).  The economy of Durango was once limited to agriculture and mining. Since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1992, hundreds of maquiladoras (assembly plants) have developed. Among the companies that operate in Durango are Sam's Club, Honda, and Wal-Mart. Mining of silver and gold continue to be important economic activities as well.  When the Mazatlan Durango highway is opened, Durango will be along a huge trade route connecting the coast to the interior, then the northern border towns like Matamoros and Juarez.


What does all this mean?  Durango is a prosperous, Roman Catholic family town.  Of course there are prostitutes.  The wives may know about them, but they don't want to see them.  Once the highway is completed and more people are rolling through town, look for more strip clubs, massage parlors and brothels.  For now, this is a town where you need to speak with a taxi driver or a member of your hotel staff to find an escort. There are many online ads for escorts, and they are gorgeous.