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Cozumel  Strip Clubs



There are only 3 possible strip clubs in Cozumel, and not all may be open; Platinos, California, and Paradise.   All of the usual forum reports and strip club review sites are at least four years old.  Reports say the strip clubs, if any, are on the south end of avenida 65.


Platino's is the one mentioned most often in forum reports and strip club lists.  The reviews of the strip clubs complain a lot about the quality and the price.  Guys, it's an island.  If you have ever lived on an island, or been to an island for an extended vacation, you grow to understand how expensive it is just to live there.  You're not paying for just the girl.  You're paying for the girl to live there, and for someone to maintain the business for her to work in.  You've gotta understand that there's no local talent.  It's a tiny island, not Mexico City.  All Mexican girls have family, and even prostitutes don't want their families to know what they are doing.  You can keep a secret like that in a City, but not on a tiny island.  They've got to import the girls.  Think of the concession stands at the movies.  Yes, your Reese's Pieces cost more.  You're paying for the convenience. 


The best escort option is Cozumel isn't in Cozumel.  It's the Pleasure Palace in Playa del Carmen.  This is probably the nicest brothel in all of Mexico.  They have an outcall service to your hotel, even in Cozumel.  The girls are amazingly beautiful, Latina princesses from all over Mexico and Latin America.  The best method is to call and have plans to have their driver meet you when the ferry docks.  That way, you can meet up to 30 beautiful women, all competing to provide you a service.