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Cozumel Massage



When you get off the ferry, you'll be close to the main streets of Cozumel.  There are several massage parlors close to the ferry dock.  The problem is, you don't know if they are therapeutic or erotic until you actually pay your money.  (You could ask, if you're not afraid of offending anyone.) 


The best option is in Playa del Carmen, at the Pleasure Palace.  This is a combination of massage parlor, escort service and brothel.  They will send escorts to your hotel.  The best option is to visit them.  Take the ferry to Playa del Carmen.  Their hotel (yes, the Pleasure Palace is a beautifully redesigned hotel) is only a few minutes by car from the ferry dock.  If you visit their website, you can make arrangements for their driver to pick you up.  It's first class all the way.


If you cannot get to the mainland, ask a bilingual taxi driver for help.  Taxi drivers always know where the girls are.