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There are two main brothels in Cozumel, the Salsa Club and the GreenHouse Cigar Club.  (We have separate listings linked below.  The Salsa Club is only open until 6PM.  Others are mentioned.  Unlike other tourist towns, Cozumel doesn't have a strip club.  The brothels cater to the cruise ship tourists.  They are located on side streets near the main dock.  There's more info on the GreenHouse Cigar Club, but the Salsa Club gets better reviews.  If you're coming in on a cruise ship, ditch the wife, grab a taxi and ask for a recommendation.  If you don't mind, tell us how it worked out.  


http://www.cozumelmycozumel.com/index.htm  is an excellent website for visitors to Cozumel.  They write "The Green House and the Carribean Queen, two "gentlemen's clubs" that are very popular. The houses of prostitution are different here than in the US. Business is often conducted here, for example, and men sometimes bring their wives. We have one local friend, a 50-something who hits the Caribbean Queen with his buddies everytime they come to town. They're all happily married. But the thing the place is extremely funny and always have a great time absorbing the atmostphere."

Dave the Jetskier reports that "there are at least three brothels in Cozumel.  They are located out near the Puerta Maya pier area.  One is the white building on the left past the gas station.  The others are down the side road at the traffic light."  Thanks Dave.  If you've been to any of these casa de citas, (brothels) please share your experiences.   

In most towns, the brothels change location with dizzying frequency.  Taxi drivers know where they are, and love the commission they get for delivering you. 


RM saw our notice asking for people to write about their experiences. He wrote about his fun time mongering in Cozumel.  "After discovering this web site I decided to try my luck  I was already booked on a cruise to Cozumel and as luck would have it we docked at Pourta Maya pier.   After a Jeep safari through Cozumel and tour of tequila factories, my friend and I decided to try and see if we could find the places mentioned in the previous posts. We were successful.   Just across from the cruise ship port is a three story white cement and stone building adorned with a sign that says "Gentleman's Club". We walked over and went up the narrow staircase to a small room with five tables and chairs our asses no sooner hit the chair when we were descended upon by two attractive females. Both ladies spoke English well and made it no secret what they are doing.   The lady who was by me asked if I wanted a water or soda or to just have sex. The negotiation process was quick and smooth.  She said that it was "happy hour" and she was mine to do what I wanted for $120 plus $20 to rent a  room upstairs.  I looked over and noticed my friend already being led away by the 30 something brunette.  I was not told to ever pay retail prices, so I had to haggle her down to $80 and $20 as long as I can take pictures. (That's his girl to the left.) She gladly agreed and and led me upstairs walking in front of me she flashed me her ass every step up to the third floor. We entered a small room with a double bed two towels hanging on hooks and a standing shower she flipped a switch to turn on the A/C however it never really cooled off. An older lady knocked and entered she told me I had to by a condom for $5 even though I had my own so I did. After the old lady left the prostitute asked if we should shower, I declined because it was getting late and I had to be on the cruise ship before it left. She stripped and I took pictures. She asked that I not take any of her face, Her first request was if I wanted to do anal.  I declined she preformed CBJ, Mish, DS and reverse cowgirl.  I busted and went back downstairs and saw my friend waiting.


We then left and walked about 75 yards and was met in the streets by a person who told us to go upstairs for beautiful ladies. I was not interested but my friend wanted round two, so we went in and I have to say the there were only two girls working and both were stunningly beautiful, one a 9 and the other a 10.  My friend struck a deal with the 9 and the 10 was stripping on stage and trying to score with a guy I had seen on my cruise ship.   He left and she approached me, she grabbed my cock and asked if we could go in back and have sex.  She spoke very little English and I still needed some recovery time so I declined, and was content to just play with her sweaty breasts.  My friend returned and we departed we were headed to the shopping area to get stuff for our relatives and head back to the ship when we ran into our Jeep tour guide. He saw us and said we should have asked him in private because he knew better places. He was a little late as we had to hustle back to the cruise ship. All in all it was a great time and I plan to visit Cozumel again."  Just out of curiosity, RM, but what rating would you give the girl in your photos? 


RM replied to our question.  "She was maybe a 4.  The 9 and 10 were in a different place we went to after but I did not get pics". 


Our experience is that cruise ship guys know the best places in all the ports.  They get the best girls at the lowest prices for the hottest sex sessions because they are regular customers, returning again and again.  If you're on a cruise ship and looking for sex....anywhere....they alwys know the best deals.  Usually it's a brothel, but they also know strip clubs and independent escorts.  These are not escort service type guys.  They don't need any help finding the action. 


 For a little more info on the GH Cigar bar (and a few interesting photos), click here or on the photo at left.  NOTE:  Reports are that the Cigar Bar closed the first week in January.  Could someone let us know if this is true?  webmaster@escortsofmexico.com