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Brothels in Cozumel



There may be brothels in Cozumel.  If you're coming in on a cruise ship, ditch the wife, grab a taxi and ask for a recommendation.  We have reports of brothels on the edge of town, but with more and more expansion, the first casualties are affordable housing and availability of hookers. 


The only sure thing is back on the mainland.  The Pleasure Palace in Playa del Carmen will send you a girl.  She will have to take a taxi to the ferry dock, a ferry to the island, a taxi to your hotel, give you the service you want, then do it all again in reverse.  It won't be cheap.  The ferries don't run late at night, so plan on keeping her all night or finishing in time to catch the last ferry.  A better plan is to come to Playa del Carmen.  The Pleasure Palace will have a driver meet your ferry and take you to their luxury hotel facility.  There, you can pick from up to 30 beautiful women.  Cozumel is great for diving, but it's not a destination for guys wanting to meet an escort. 


The Pleasure Palace in Playa Del Carmen


The Pleasure Palace is the Gold Standard of escort services on the Mayan Riviera.  First of all, everything's in English, except the girls.  The website is written in English and the people who set appointments speak English ....you won't need a word of Spanish.  It's first class all the way.  They are associated with Pleasure Principle in Cancun.  There is some overlap with the girls there.  Their service is available on an incall or outcall basis, at the same rates.  Prices start at $350 This is one of the most luxurious escort services in Mexico, with beautiful women and excellent service.  Visit their website at www.playa-escorts.com


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