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English speaking swingers are hard to find in Colima.  Once you get away from the typical tourist cities like Cancun and Mexico City, it gets hard to score another couple if you don't speak Spanish.  There's a nice swinger website with couples from Colima, with many parejas (Spanish word for couples) advertising, but the ads are all in Spanish.  None of the ads had photos.  There are hundreds of ads, and Colima is small.  We're suspicious it might not be the Read Deal.  There's another swinger website with photos, but our guess is that it's a scam of some sort.  None of the photos have the faces blurred.  No Mexican woman would risk having her family see her advertising to get fucked by other men outside the marriage.  She might allow a body photo from the neck down, or from the back but these are full face shots.  If you know the culture here, you know full faces photos aren't happening. 


There are many swingers in Cancun and Mexico City.  You'll find independent escorts who LOVE entertaining English speak couples, but for a full exchange you should keep looking.

Samantha - Loves Group Sex

Full Menu; GFE, BBBJ-CIM,  Anal,

Bisexual; Lesbian Shows and Threesomes


Samantha loves group sex, particularly threesomes.  If you and your lady want a threesome, Samantha would love to service both your girl and you.  She's orally inclined.  Let her suck you off into her mouth, or fuck her in the ass while Samantha gives oral pleasure to your girl.  The possibilites are endless.  See her VIP page for more photos, prices and information.  Samantha doesn't speak English, so your email will go to her translation service.