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As we've said many times, you can take a City's sexual temperature by visiting the strip clubs.  How many do they support?  Are the strip clubs well-appointed with beautiful girls and expensive private rooms, or cheap dives populated by nasty, low-class prostitutes ranging from 4 to 7 on the 10 Scale?  Well, get ready for a curve ball.  Chihuahua isn't Durango.  It has at least one strip club.  The Bombay has been there for years.  Other strip club names mentioned are Cartier, Snow Men, el Jaguar  y El Jale.  However, if reports are to be believed, you can't get a Privado.  (If you're new, a Privado is 15 minute private dance in a room the size of a huge closet where the dancer of your choice sucks or fucks you behind a closed door. For a fee of course.)  Gotta love Mexico. 


We thought Heisenberg died in the last episode of "Breaking Bad", but the truth is he went to Chihuahua and gave us this report of the strip clubs.  "We went to dickens first and it was about 10 PM. No cover charge and non smoking. Only 15-20% of the tables were occupied. They have 3 poles on an oval yet weirdly curved table. There were about 15-16 strippers. The strippers were OK something like 4-6. They all lacked a good rack. But no fatties. They did had one good one around 8-9 but she was taken as soon as she came down of the pole. After spending some 2 hours over there, we went to Bombai. No cover charge and non smoking here as well. 

Bombai was comparatively smaller then Dickens. Half the size may be. Half the strippers. Most of the strippers were in the 3-5 range. Most of them were fatties and poor racks. All together there were only like 8-10 strippers. There were 2 strippers that were better then the remaining and we asked them to join us. They were very friendly and even though they didnt speak English they tried really hard to talk to us with broken words and signs. Fortunately my friend knew Spanish very well. They consumed drink in about 20 minutes. Drinks for them were 100 pesos and beers for us were also 100 pesos. Dance was 200 pesos but only lasted for 1 song.

We left at about 1 and went back to Dickens. The club was getting busy by this time. Almost 50% was filled up and some new girls had came in. I found a good one which was like 8-9 and bought her a drink. Fortunately she spoke a little english. After a while I took a dance with her at the same price of Bombai but she danced for 2 songs. Touching was OK but no extra action. At the end of her performance I asked for her number and she gave me. 1500 pesos for an hour she promised.

I called her the next day and she agreed to come to my hotel for 1200 pesos. She told me she would come at 10 PM but then she changed it 9 later. But she was worth every penny. Offered her some beers as well. She was young (23 she told me) and was better then anyone I had before."  Not a bad report for a dead meth cook, Heisenberg."


In an older report on the CityXGuide, Mario Bros gives a Thumbs Down to Chihuahua.  "Sadly Chihuahua is not the right place to monger. But you should find some 20-30 dollar chicas in the downtown none more than a 5 or 6 mostly drug addicts. There are a few massage parlors with going rates from 50- 200 dlls. If you are there and in need you should try Samsara is located in front of the IMSS in the Avenida Universidad. (one of the main streets of the city) there you should find some 7's and maybe a 9 but the going rate is high. There are also a few strip clubs there is one right in the middle of the town over the canal that divides the city I really can't remember the name but it is the only one in the zone any cab driver should know. (Bombai is de name of the strip club) Is the one by the cervecería. There the girls are better but the prices are higher a full hour should cost you around 200-300 dlls that includes the girl, the bar fee, the hotel. But as I said the girls are better between 7-9. There are a couple strip clubs more the Riviera and the panther they are cheaper but also the girls are not as beauty. So if you by destiny happen to be in Chihuahua. You may want to try to pick up a girl in some bar better than throwing 300 dlls in an hour with a low class skin. "  Thanks, Mario. 


When in Chihuahua, you're gonna have to look a little further than the strip clubs if you want to get laid. AZ Golfer concurs, in a review of the Bombay Strip Club on the Ultimate Strip Club list.  "There were plenty of girls available as I got there fairly early. As the night progressed, it did get fairly busy.  Beer was average price at 80 pesos each. Dancer drinks were 150 pesos. The girls were not too pushy on the drinks. Biggest let down was in the private dance area. An open area on one side of the club. NO privacy and NO extra action. Mutual touching ok but not the extras available in other cities in Mexico. Dances were 200 pesos but could be had for 3/500 pesos."  Sounds like it may have been the first time playing on a course in Mexico for AZ Golfer.  He doesn't say anything about taking the prostitute/dancer out of the club to a hotel.  Mario Bros. may not be an English professor, but he knew about seducing the girl, paying the bar fee to get her out of the club and going to a hotel.