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If your local PTA sat down with American and Mexican officials to create the perfect Mexican border state and it's capital, they might have come up with the city of Chihuahua, in the State of Chihuahua.  Good for citizens, not good for guys seeking escorts and damas de noche.  Prostitutes and putas can be hard to find.  With a population of around 800,000, the city of Chihuahua is roughly the same size as Merida, Culiacan and Acapulco.   It is the largest Mexican state with an area of 95,400.8  square miles.  To the north, the state of Chihuahua borders New Mexico and Texas.  The city of Chihuahua is almost exactly 200 miles due south of El Paso. The economy was once focused on timber production and livestock, but now the economy is most made up of maquiladoras, or export orientated manufacturing.  There are 79 maquila manufacturing plants in the city of Chihuahua, which employ about 1 in 20 people.  They also have  breweries and tourism to Copper Canyon contributing to one of the healthiest economies in Mexico. PTA Moms would be proud of the literacy rate in Chihuahua, at 98%.  The City of Chihuahua lies on the western side of the Chihuahua Desert.  It's warm and dry, but not as hot as most of the lower portions of the desert.  That's because it's at an altitude of about 5,000 feet.  Think Denver, Colorado without the winter.  Chihuahua is warm and dry, not too hot, with plenty of high paying jobs and the educational infrastructure (sorry...big word for a "find a prostitute" website) to assure the workforce can help local companies compete on a global scale.  So far, hats off to the City Fathers.  Great job.  Unfortunately, you know what's coming.


City Fathers and PTA members are not usually Mongers.  When the women have a strong voice in a working class family town like Chihuahua, all the sex services get pushed out of sight.  Usually, you can take the sexual pulse of a city by the strip clubs.  (I'm getting a visual, with a nurse looking at her watch while holding something different than my wrist.)  Mongers who post are uniformly negative about the Chihuahua strip clubs.  The biggest and most talked about strip club, the Bombay, doesn't even let you get off inside.  No privados.  Like Durango, another family city, normal U.S. community standards apply.  Chihuahua is not Juarez, a border town 180 miles north and justifiably proud of it's many sex services.     


The recommended option seems to be finding an escort (prostitute), either off the Chihuahua streets, from a service or through an ad.  The complaint about the services is that they are expensive.  ($250 for two hours full service.)  There are apparently a couple streets where SW hookers hang out, but according to forum postings they're all ugly, 4 -6 on a 10 scale. There are a lot of "massage" ads on the free services, as well as at least one happy ending massage parlor .   There are no brothels, unless you can find one through a taxi driver.  The free ads are usually the last place we'd go.  In Chihuahua, they're the first.  A lot of escort chicas advertising here are gorgeous, and sound like they're new and having fun.  If you've ever had the good fortune to meet a Mexican girl who's new to Servicios Eroticos, welcome to the rodeo.  They buck good, and the only sex they've ever known is GFE.


Like other female-centric communities, swinging appears to be big in Chihuahua.  We don't know about specific clubs, but there are a shit ton (a favorite term of my daughter) of ads.  Check them out on our swinging page for Chihuahua


Get it?  A page about Chihuahua?  The dog's a chihuahua?  Sorry.

Isn't the little rodent cute?