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There are three resort options for swingers in Cancun.  For English speaking swinging couples, Cancun is THE place to vacation.  You have three very different resorts to choose from; Desire, Hidden Beach Resort and Temptation Spa. 


So....there are three swinger destinations, how do you choose the one that's right for you?  In general, here are the differences in the three clubs. 


Desire Pearl Cancun -  located in “Puerto Morelos” 30 minuts from Cancun´s Airport.  It´s a little more intimate, with 87 rooms.  There is more soft swinging, with more newbies and less experienced couples.  It is "clothing optional" in some areas and has orgy rooms, though they are not called that. It's just couples.  (man-woman)    More info. 


Desire Riviera Maya Cancun - Located in “Bahía Petempich”, Riviera Maya, 20 minutos from Cancun´s Airport.  It´s larger than Pearl, with 114 rooms.  It´s not official, but it's more wild than the Pearl.  If you're an experienced swinging couple (it's just couples, man-woman) this is the resort you want.  Even if you're new, you may want to go to this Desire Resort because you'll be more likely to have an exchange.  Clothing optional in some areas. This is also an expensive, high end resort.  More info.


Temptation Cancun - Located in Cancun's hotel zone, Temptation is more affordable, and open to singles and gay couples.  The crowd is "over 21" but younger than the other two clubs.  There is more emphasis on fun entertainment, and less "couples activities" designed to help people meet and exchange.  More info.


If you're considering an adventure in The Lifestyle you probably have a million questions.  We have a beginning swingers page with frequently asked questions and advice for newbies. 


M & G, an attractive young couple didn't score at Desire.  "We did go to Desire Pearl on the Riviera Maya. Like all such resorts, it's hit or miss depending on who's there at the time....


An attractive couple will be visiting Cancun soon, and wants to hook up.  "Hi, we are a couple W-24 / M-35 and will be in Cancun from 11th till 22nd of June. we look for couples to meet and to play with. we are attractive and slim and looking for the same. if interest to meet, please email at jo29jo@hotmail.com".


If you're a swinging couple or single female looking to hook up with a couple, we will place your ad for $300 pesos.  Send us your information at paul@escortsofmexico.com .  Single men are welcome.  Using up to 200 words, describe yourself/yourselves and what you are looking for.  A photo is not necessary, but you probably won't get any response without one.  Couples with photos of both the lady and the gentleman get the most response.   If you'd like to send a photo and have us blur your face before publication, we'll do the Photoshop work for an additional $50 pesos. 


If you're into swinging, or are curious and want to get a closer look, try Desire Pearl.  The clothing optional atmosphere is charged with erotic energy.  It's secluded, so you can enjoy fun in the sun without prying eyes.  Camera are forbidden in the public areas, so it's completely private.  As you would expect from a first class resort, there is an on-site day spa, with massage, pilates, yoga and other mind/body activities.  Try the Wet Spot bar, a glass walled area complete with jacuzzi, showers, a fabulous view and more of the "clothing optional" ambiance.  Later in the evening, Obsessions Disco is open.  Take a walk on the wild side in the couples-only Sin Room, where you and your partner consummate your new friendships and enjoy watching others doing the same.  You can't make love all the time, and Desire has planned activities to help you get acquainted with other guests including sensual aquafitness, water polo, basketball, beach or naked volleyball.  It's all designed to help you mix and mingle, meeting other like-minded couples in a safe and relaxed environment.  Get more details about costs, what you get with the all-inclusive package and see some great photos at the Desire Pearl website

Desire Resort on the Mayan Riviera is where experienced swingers go.  You must be 21 or over, and it's couples only.  Clothing is optional, except in the restaurants, and they ask that you not have sex in the public areas.  It's 'all inclusive', so you pay just one low price for hotel, meals, snacks, drinks and entertainment.  Get an "all over" tan on their ultra private beach, or at the rooftop jacuzzi area.  The staff works hard to provide fun group activities where you can meet other guests, including beach volleyball, basketball, and their own erotic water polo, with some unusual sexy rules you won't find anywhere else!   Every night has adult entertainment with a different theme designed to entertain, entice and help you make new friends.  Themes have names like Bright and Tight, Naughty Schoolgirls and Nerds, Leather & Lace and Lingerie Night.  (Lingerie Night is sheer delight!)    You can shop at home and bring your costumes, or they are on sale in the Desire Clothing Store.   If you're a swinging couple, visit the Desire Riviera Maya website for more information about costs, activities and their all-inclusive package.   

Temptation Resort and Spa is an all inclusive, adults only club.  Singles are welcome.  It's "topless optional", and a very hip and sexy place to vacation.  The 'all inclusive' rates include your room, all meals and beverages (including mixed drinks, wine and beer) at the 10 restaurants, bars and discos, plus all the activities you can handle.  By day, enjoy tours and boat trips, plus scuba classes, windsurfing and HobieCat lessons.  To help you meet and get acquainted with other guests, there are games with names like Daring Darts, the Corn Hole Tournament and Battle of the Sexes.   At night in the Nice Shoes Disco, the staff puts on erotic shows guaranteed to put a sensual stamp on the warm tropical nights. There are also tours of Cancun, where you'll experience the best discos with your new found friends.  Temptation Resort and Spa is designed to help connect adventurous singles and couples is a fun, safe, sensual environment.   Visit the Temptation Resort website for more information.    


How Does Swinging Work?


Good news, Guys.  You've been worried about your receding hairline and those extra pounds of fat, right?  It doesn't matter.  The world of swingers is fueled by bisexual women.  Not every girl who swings is bi, but the percentage of bisexual women in the swinging world is probably 10X as large as your average cross section of the female population.  Bisexual women are almost as closeted as bisexual or gay men.  They are business managers or owners, usually married mothers leading full, rich lives in the community.  Kissing girls and licking their pussies isn't the public image they cultivate  Swinging vacations allow them to let their wild side loose, without fear of running into a client, or a straight friend from the PTA.  Husbands and wives are both scouting other women.  As long as the guy is not gross looking, clean and polite, the trade will probably happen IF the wife or girlfriend is hot.  The pressure is OFF, guys. 


You'll notice the women hitting the gym for the months preceding a swinging vacation.  They'll know what they're going to wear far ahead of time, or know what they want to buy.  When the wife packs to leave, you'll think she's Patton organizing a charge across Europe.  She'll keep you waiting as she gets ready, and plan on being patient as she does hair, makeup, nails and selects each article of clothing.  When she's finally ready, you'll have to restrain yourself from jumping on her.  Calm down.  She's not dressing for you.  She's become perfect so other women will think she's hot.  You're just along for the ride.  Pretty sweet, huh?


When you make the trade, all 4 people have to be into it.  Of course, not every person is enthused about every trade.  Let's say the hottest girl at the party is flirting with you and your wife, but her partner is short and your wife hates short guys.  She might let you fuck the hot girl, and make the best of it with the short guy.  If you plan on doing this as a lifestyle and not a "one off", you develop a sense of fair play.  You owe her one.  Let's say you aren't attracted to people of a certain race, but your girl has a fantasy of being with someone from that race.  You learn tolerance in swinging, tolerance for different races, body types, ages, economic status and all the other things that trap us into our limited worlds.  You may prefer fashion model body types, but may end up going with a BBW to please your woman.  You'll find different pleasures with girls of different height, weight, breast and butt size, varying size of lips for kissing different cultural styles and even different smells.  It's like sampling cuisine from different restaurants all over the world.  You will end up finding taste treats and appetites you never imagined you'd have.


The mechanics of trading are very simple if you are comfortable in your own skin, and have even a minimum of social skills.  The words are less important than tone and body language.  If the couple you want is leaning away, not making eye contact and acting like you have bad breath, there is no point asking if they'd like to swap.  When the conversation includes lots of smiling, casual touching and the other couple keeps looking at each other (each couple has code for "I want this to happen", "NO, not even for you," or "OK, but you owe me one") you can make this happen very quickly.  You can make up to 4 trades a night at a good party with lots of experienced swingers attending.  Of course, you are free to spend the entire vacation with a couple you click with.  Just stay on High Alert.  Be observant, and sensitive to the needs of others. 


For more information, visit our beginning swingers page with frequently asked questions and advice for newbies. 


If you'd like to place an ad like the one below, the cost is $300 pesos for three months.  (at 15 pesos to the dollar, that's $20 USD.)  If you have a reservation at Desire Resorts, you can let people know you're going to be there. 


Swinging Couple; Speaks A Little English

Wants to Party With Couples, Single Women and Single Men

We're a swinging couple who lives in Cancun.  We're clean, not heavy drinkers and very horny.  We interested in all kinds of parties; foursome exchanges, and threesomes with either single men or women.  If you're planning a vacation, let's get together.  I'm straight, she is bi-curious.  See a different photo of her on the Spanish version.



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