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There isn't much info about Campeche strip clubs.  They're probably there, but this is not a sex destination.  (Picture a pale married couple fussing about being overcharged by 20 pesos, each with two cameras around their necks, plaid shorts and black shoes with white socks.)  There are several old forum reports.  All of them say the Hot Spots are just outside town.  Campeche is a place where you need local information, like a hotel bellboy, bar server or taxi driver.

A guy named Foremost writes in an old post "There are a couple of places on the outskirts of town. About 15 minutes by taxi and the cost is 80 pesos. We only visited one - The Diamond. It is really a strip club where the bar makes money by charging 50 pesos for the girls just to sit at your table. The drinks are thankfully not at inflated prices. There are little rooms where you can take the girls for (what I think is) the outrageous price of 100pesos PER SONG!! Now, whatever happens in there stays in there but what trouble can you get into in 3.5 minutes?? I rest my case. I wouldn't recommend this place if you're trying to get some action but we arranged to hook up with one of the girls the next day and then she was game to stay with my buddy on her days off!! I would say that she was probably a 8-9 and that she was the pick of the litter!! At about 30 yrs of age I think that she is now also looking for a way out so that said I'm not sure what will happen."  It's hard to tell if Foremost is in a brothel or a strip club.  He says "strip club", but a bar where you buy drinks then take the girl of your choice to a room in the back in our estimation is a brothel, not a strip club.  BTW, the prices this guys is complaining about are not unreasonable, as long they include the girl.  (Minus tip.)  If you take an average 4 minute song and an average time of  20 minutes to reach orgasm, that's $500 pesos.  Typical of an inexperienced Hobbyist, he didn't even think to negotiate.  If you want an hour, 45 or 30 minutes, tell the barman and start negotiations from there.  Especially in a sexual backwater like Campeche, you're the guy with the cash.  That puts you in control.  Be friendly but firm, and be willing to walk away if you're not happy with the deal.