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Cabo San Lucas has plenty of strip clubs to choose from, but if you can afford the best Splash is the place to be.  It's where you go to see the best girls, and the celebrities who are in town.  It's not cheap.  When is the best of anything cheap?   They import girls from all over Latin America and the world, selecting not only the most beautiful but the most willing to please.  Rock stars, professional athletes, Hollywood actors and the rich and famous go to the Splash Cabaret for the luxury, the exclusive atmosphere, and for an unforgettable private session with a world class beauty.   


Cabo is an "American Friendly" town where English is widely spoken.  Unlike the border towns like Juarez or cartel controlled downs like Mazatlan, it's safe.  The prices are some of the most expensive in Mexico, with dances starting at $20 USD and $300 for a blowjob.  Bar hopping gets expensive too, with cover charges ranging from $5 to $25 at  every bar.  If you're going to Cabo for a vacation that will include table dances, expect to pay for the best pleasure. This is not a destination town for the cost concious Hobbyist or Monger.  Try the brothels or a streetwalker, for a more affordable experience.

Splash - A Strip Club, Cabaret, Brothel, Bar, Massage Parlor and Escort Service


Splash is unique in Cabo, and maybe all of Mexico.  It's a huge facility, with 4 floors including a rooftop bar, swimming pool and lounge with private cabanas.  There are several public areas for shows, strippers and drinking.  There are private rooms available.  The dancers and performers are there for your full service pleasure.  That means that one minute your favorite dancer will be on stage, and two minutes later you'll be in a private room getting the best blowjob of your life!  There are too many features and benefits to name here.  Best to stop by or call them. We have more information and photos on their VIP page


www.splashcabos.com       https://www.facebook.com/splashcabaret      info@splashcabos.com      624-143-4058


Mermaids was the original table dance club in Cabo.  Mermaids has been revamped and remodeled.  All the reports are from previous ownership. They say that the club had become a dive.  Mermaids has been remodeled, and might be worth a look.  Their new website makes an OK impression. 

The Cabaret is reputedly the largest strip club in Cabo; the largest in square footage and the largest stage   They have a good website.  There are plenty of excellent reviews, although some think it's called the "Husband Day Care Centre" because of banner that hangs below the main sign.

It's expensive for Mexico, affordable for Cabo.  $4 for a drink, $20 for a table dance, $100 for 25 minutes of table dancing, $300 for a blowjob and $500 full service.   Some reviews for the Amnesia Strip Club are available if you do a Google search. 

Remodeled in 2006, Lord Blacks gets high reviews for atmosphere and the usual mixed reviews on the girls.  If you have a bad or good experience with an individual girl, it tends to color your review for an entire club. 

Boleiro Topless Dancers.  The usual mixed reviews. 

We're told this is a gay club.  Is that true? contact us

Not much info available.  Can you tell us your experience here?  contact us


Mixed reviews, with several warnings about the low quality of dancers and the dishonesty of the staff.