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big breasted mexican holding a huge tit in each handHow often do you find a city where the locals don't recommend their own strip clubs?  In Aguascalientes, even guys experienced in The Hobby don't have many good things to say about their strip club experiences.  A monger familiar with Aguascalientes talks about the strip clubs just outside town on the CityXGuide.  "Las Violetas is in the Red Zone 15-20 minutes outside the heart of the city. You will be searched for weapons upon entering. Cost like $5 to enter. Then you can choose from 10-12 clubs. There are 2 nice ones (don't recall names) when you turn the corner. One's on the rite, other one's on the left. I checked out 4-5 other clubs there. They were gross, lots of older women, mostly 3 and 4's. The nice club i settled on there were maybe 5 girls there, it was early on a thursfday nite. This young girl about 21 chatted with me for like 2 minutes and suggested fs in a back room for $45. I got it for $40. She was a solid 8, but unfortunately didn't kiss and wouldn't let me try different positions. It lasted all of 6 minutes! the worst rush job of my life!....there's another Big brothel full of nasty clubs 35 minutes outside the centre of town called El Charquito. It looks like a place out of that movie From Dusk til Dawn. The place was real scary. We were thoroughly searched. Beers were cheap, like .50. My friend and i settled quickly on 2 chicks..his a 6 mine a 7. Mine cost $20 in the nastiest room i have ever seen."


Another entry on the same forum echos the difficulty.  “Las violetas” (popular name) is a place that has mostly regular table dance clubs. It has around 7+; 5 of this clubs are really nasty (and I mean NASTY in a bad way), you will be lucky if you find a “3”. But there is a club named MC, that is really nice mostly 8’s, 9’s and 1 or 2 “10’s”. That is the upside, the downside is that most of the girl don’t make “full service”; they win more money only dancing and giving some privates ($20 dll for one song [4 minutes aprox], no oral, no fucking); the drinks for the girls are really expensive ($10), but overall MC has a good show (only show). Just one recommendation: AVOID at all cost a place named GOLDEN PALACE, the are really rude and you will pay a lot of money for a bad show.


There are two similar areas just outside Aguascalientes.  The first is Las Violetas, reviewed above.  The second area with strip clubs is El Charquito.  "It's a tossup.. las violetas or el charquito. It cost a bit more for a similar looking woman at las violetas, but el charquito is farther from town, and one scary ass place once you arrive. But violetas was much closer to town and only half as scary. My sex experience was better at charquito though as the girl was really into it despite the prison like conditions we were forced to do it in..... 


Scary, dirty places with many ugly strippers, many who don't put out. Aguascalientes is a bad place for strip clubs. We recommend the escorts.