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In a family city like Aguascalientes, there are still many brothels for local Mexicans. Cab drivers can be extremely helpful in finding these places.  Of course, you'll need one that speaks English if you don't speak Spanish.   


Much of the action in Aguascalientes takes place in brothel bars.  There's one simply called "1125".  These hooker bars can be confusing the first time you go in.  In a strip club, usually the guy can pick any available girl and have sex with her.  If she comes to your table, she's yours to dance, buy drinks or have sex with, as long as you continue to pay.  A brothel bar is a little different.  The girls dance, but don't remove their clothes.  Not all are hookers.  Some are.  Some are in between, where they'll leave with some guys but not others.  This is more like geishas in Japan.  They make money when you buy them drinks.  This is the heart of Mexico, and even with international factories the rules are very Mexican.  This is not the border blend of cultures, different yet familiar.  This is a new and unusual mating ritual. If you speak no Spanish it's all uphill, but still can have a happy ending.  Seek and ye shall find. 


To illustrate the point, a monger named Mau wrote about his experiences on the CityXGuide forum.  Here is a man with no class, and no knowledge of Spanish.  What he does have is purpose and determination.  "Walked down the street a bit and observed how to catch a cab. Stopped on and made sure he spoke english. Figured that I needed to head to downtown and made sure he quoted a price before I got in. I knew which direction downtown was and he started to head the opposite direction before I gave him shit and told him that it was the other way. He turned the cab around and off we went. While driving I explained to him what I wanted. He just shrugged his shoulders and acted like he did not know. I kept at it and he eventually offered up a place called 1125, sorry, no fucking idea where this place is at. 1125 is located where the fair was. I remember seeing the carnival rides across the street. Not sure if this helps but perhaps a local could provide more.  He dropped me and in I went. The place was almost empty. There were about 10 girls just sitting around and one really really drunk local at the bar. I sat down and ordered a drink and just watched. A few people came in and had the girls dance for them, but it was not like a dance that I am used. The girls dance with their clothes on on a normal dance floor. Still confused by what I was seeing, I asked the waiter to bring me a drink and to buy a drink for one of the girls. He did and the girl came over to sit with me. She spoke zero english and I speak zero spanish so it made for a very dull connversation. I asked if she would go back to my hotel, which she said no. I had the waiter come over and asked him if any of the girls would go to hotel. He pointed of them out that was probably the hottest in the place. I bought her a drink and had to almost kick the first one away from my table. I had to pay her 50 PESO just to leave. The new one came over to the table and I was not waisting any time. She knew what I wanted and told me 600 PESO. I indicated that I was in and off we went. Right outside their were several cabs waiting so I would assume that this is common. We hopped in the cab and we really could have been headed anywhere by this point as I was pretty smashed. To my surpirise the first stop was at some hosuing complex. We both got out of the cab and she knocked on the door which was opened by an elderly mexican lady. This place was like a compound with many doors inside. The girl that I was with had to get a key from the lady and I am thinking we are just going here. The girl takes the key and we head further in a few doors and she unlocks a paddlock and we enter. Inside there is a 10X10 room with no furniture. Just a mattress on the floor and several bags of clothes. Now it hits why we are here. She was wearing a very short skirt and had to change into jeans so we could get in the hotel. She changes and back to the cab and off to the hotel we go. She stays a very long time and fuck like rabbits for a very long time. Not being a druggy I think she was smoking crack.....have no idea how to do this so it is just a guess. I let her do her thing but I was not partaking. 4Am and I kicked her out."   This is a classic culture clash story.  When the writer starts out by saying he didn't know how to catch a cab, you know he's a fish out of water.  Mexican girls, even the paid escorts, want to be romanced a little.  It's not a crime not to know Spanish (though if you come to Mexico regularly for business, you should learn some basics.)  Courtesy goes a LONG way in Mexico.  Read forum reports on CityXGuide, WorldSexGuide, 21orOver or the InternationalSexGuide.  The most successful mongers are modest, polite and considerate.  In report after report the same gentlemen write about how lucky they were that the girl was so wonderful to him, gave him extra services without charge, stayed longer than agreed and generally gave him a true Girlfriend Experience.  It's rarely luck.  Along with the few pesos they pay, they provide a Boyfriend Experience with compliments, appreciation and consideration.  Even if you say charming things in English, they hear the tone, see the body language and sense your admiration.  If you can't find something nice to say, why do you want to fuck them?  Especially with the semi-pros you meet in cities like Aguascalientes, you'll miss out on the Good Stuff with a bad attitude.  What constitutes a bad attitude?  Being rude, brusque, judgmental and inconsiderate.  "I gave him shit and told him that it was the other way.....it made for a very dull conversation... had to almost kick the first one away from my table....I was not waisting any time.....4Am and I kicked her out "  Compliment her hair, her eyes, her clothes, her smile, her jewelry....anything but tits and ass.  Touch her hands, caress her forearm, shoulder and face.  Seduce her, even if she's a sure thing.  You'll both feel better, and the sex could be memorable.