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Metal Mickey writes about one trip to an Acapulco brothel called Rebeccas.  "I decided to try one of the brothels mentioned in this thread: Rebecca's. The ride there was kind of unsettling: dark, narrow roads in the hills of Acapulco. When we got there I saw a dark, small apartment complex with the name 'Rebecca's' on it. Walking up the steps, I encountered a large outdoor patio with a few girls in bikinis sitting around in small clusters. Then, after sitting down and ordering a beer, about ten girls in bikinis are suddenly standing there in a row smiling at me. I got the message. I immediately chose a petite, thin girl with a tight little ass; a solid 7. She sat down next to me and we instantly started groping each other. After about five mintues, we were off to one of the rooms adjacent to the courtyard/patio. Long story short: she provided an hour of fun, no rush, and was really quite sweet. $150/hr included everything and I didn't haggle.


Great post, Micky.  The ride there was kind of unsettling: dark, narrow roads in the hills.  This is the thing we don't like about Mexican brothels.  They are rarely located under the comforting bright lights of the city.  This is why a lot of guys use the strip clubs.  They've got security people there for your protection.  Sounds like this story had a Happy Ending! 


Anyone else have an Acapulco brothel experience they can share?  Contact Us, please