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full moon reflected on Acapulco harbor


They still dive from the cliffs overlooking the bay.  Acapulco used to be the destination of Hollywood Stars in the 1950's.   Like an older escort, Acapulco is still beautiful, but showing her age.   Formerly an American and Canadian tourist destination, Acapulco now it is primarily used by Mexicans on holiday.  It's a lot like Mazatlan in that regard, but better kept up.  Acapulco has gotten some bad press, but according to reports, it's still one of the most beautiful locations in the world.  


Like any tourist town, there are a lot of prostitutes.  An excellent website, The Real Acapulco, talks about finding an escort. " The six main outlets for prostitution in Acapulco are: quintas (basically, brothels where girls line up to be chosen by the clients), street hookers (often seen late at night in the Condesa area between Baby Lobster and Mangos), strippers (virtually all of whom provide sexual services), escort services (which advertise in the classifieds and the yellow pages), and bars in the "zona roja" (or red light district) where locals go to dance (and where the women are available for more than dancing). Finally, you have the freelance hotels, mostly in the downtown area acapulco cliff divers in mid-airnear the mercado El Parazal (where the hotel guest can have someone sent up to the room)."  In other words, the experienced Hobbyist can rapidly find putas using any kind of search you are comfortable with.


 There are several great strip clubs, dominated by Tabares.  There are massage parlors all over downtown.  There are brothels in and out of the city and "escorts" are everywhere; on the streets, in regular bars, advertising in the newspapers and through professional escort services.  As a sexual tourist, it doesn't get much better than Acapulco.


It's not the world's best picture, but if you look closely at the photo to the left you can see two divers coming off the cliff to the right.  They rock climb up using a crevice where the orange rock meets the grey rock, often in pairs, and then dive 87 feet into the shallow water below.  Pretty spectacular.  You can't visit Acapulco and miss this.