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List of Bad Escort Clients


There are many message boards where you can register, and complain about bad escorts.  This is useful.  You can't get your money back, but you have the satisfaction of hurting their reputations.  This page is for the benefit of escorts.  Many people don't realize there are predators who think that escorts exist to be used and abused.  Some are simply time wasters, who get a thrill when an escort shows up and the client is not there.  Others, who primarily come from the Middle East, India and Pakistan, hope that once the escort is in their room they will accept a lower price.  The Camel Jockeys are not dangerous, just another form of time waster.  In their fucked up culture, it's OK to have an escort pay a taxi, refuse other business, then show up in their oily hotel rooms to begin a negotiation that she thought was already concluded.  These are the same people who think suicide bombers are glorious martyrs. 


If you have a "bad client" story, send it to us at paul@escortsofmexico.com


OnWednesday, February 8, Mark Nettles of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was a busy boy.  He called several escorts in Mexico City, and took the first one to show up.  Several others paid for cabs, turned down other dates and sat waiting in the lobby of the Marriott Reforma waiting for Mark Nettles of Wisconsin to come to the lobby.  The trouble was, this insensitive man didn't care about their lost time or expense.  He was having sex with the girl on the left.  Her work name is Santa.  Nice girl.  She brought a male friend for Mark, who wanted a bisexual threesome.  Mark uses the email nettlesm24@yahoo.com, and the phone number he gave was +1 414-207-1070.  Obviously, if you get a call from this gentleman asking for service, you should be aware you won't be the only one he is calling.  That's Marks photo to the right, holding the baby.  Some people should not be allowed to have children.  Mexicans are surprisingly racist.  While black men are largely protected from the consequences of their own actions in the United States, Mexicans are more practical.  Their bullshit tolerance is extremely low.  In Mexico, you can call a spade a spade and not be taken to court.  Go back to Milwaukee, Mart Nettles. 

  • On the night of Sunday, January 17, 2016, a client asked for a one hour appointment at 10:30PM with Elena in Mexico City.  She took an expensive taxi ride to the Airport Marriott Hotel in Mexico City.  Elena trusted him.  He called himself Mark Lewis, which may be a fake name.  He called Elena from 7727 083 241, which is a Florida prefix.  He met her at the hotel bar, and kept her there an hour before he offered to pay her half what they had agreed to.  Elena correctly refused.  When she asked him to at least pay for her taxi he cursed her and pushed her to the floor.  He might have beaten her further if they had not been in public.  Mark Lewis (probably a fake name, though he uses that name with his Whatsapp account) is a coward and an abuser of women. Elena is one of the sweetest girls working in the DF.  She is a University student who is putting herself through school.  She only does escort work until she acquires her degree this summer and can get decent work.  Cowards like Mark Lewis are often impotent.  They can't satisfy a woman in bed, and are angry that they cannot perform as men.  They have no power, so they get satisfaction from abusing women they perceive as defenseless.  

  • Johathan Marques visited Cancun in mid-November, 2014.  He had me send a new escort to the Dreams Resort where he was staying, a three hour round trip from her home in Cancun.  He told me he had purchased a day pass, and was waiting for her.  She arrived on time, and presented herself to the front desk.  She showed her ID and asked for her guest pass.  They had no pass.  They called his room, and he said he was not expecting anyone.  After 2 days of endless negotiation and nitpicking complaints, with many changes to his appointment time and duration, he decided to just refuse the girl.  He did not give the courtesy of a cancellation.  He had an escort spend $1,600 pesos on cab fare and commit all her Sunday to his stupid changes, only to chicken out and not tell anyone.  We understand cancellations.  We don't appreciate idiots who draw some power by ruining other people's days.  His email is  Jonathanjocks21@aol.com.  If you are searching for information on him, beware.  He's not an honest man. 

  • Kam Patel, who also calls himself  Vinay Patel and uses the email kampower101@gmail.com. On May 1, 2014.  This man negotiated with use for two days, before finally agreeing to hire 2 girls for himself and 3 friends to enjoy for 24 hours in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.  He agreed to a price, and was told repeatedly to have the money in pesos ready to pay the driver the moment the girls showed up.  He had no money when the girls showed up.  His game was to keep stalling, so he lied and told the driver that the money was at his hotel, the Hotel Now Jade in Puerto Morelos.  After two hours of more lies and excuses, the driver and the two escorts cut their losses and left.  They were not even offered gas money.  It is obvious that Kam Patel only wanted to see how far he could get with no money.  If you are an escort or escort agency, do not believe a word this man says. 

  • This one is a little funny, with the emphasis on "little".  A man calling himself "Mike Cruzer", real name Kamarul Halim, email cruzer1001@gmail.com, contacted us in late April, 2014, for a date in Mexico City with Amaya.  Amaya is a lovely young girl, but short.  She's about 5' tall.  She showed up at this guys hotel room, and she said he was literally a midget, 1.40 meters (about 4'6").  He sent her away, saying he could not have sex with a girl so tall!  He did not mention his "special need" while making the appointment.  Amaya is one of the shorter escorts we represent in Mexico City.  Amaya had to travel over an hour to get to this man's hotel, and had to return with no money.  She turned down another date to be with Mike the Midget.  Grow up, Kamarul Halim!!


Contact us if you have questions about these men.