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To Write A Better Ad, WE NEED DETAILS

Please Answer These Questions


This is written for escorts, but we seek the same information for strip clubs, massage parlors and other businesses with dancers, hookers or sex for sale.  Send your photos, profile and contact information to webmaster@escortsofmexico.com

  • YOUR CITY. As you probably noticed, we cover all of Mexico. This is the detail half the escorts forget to give us. You can be in more than one city if you truly provide service to each of them. For example, Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, or Mexico City, Naulcapan, Ecatepec and Tlalnapantla.

  • English or Spanish? Do you speak English?  PLEASE tell us.  We will write your ad in English and Spanish, as part of your purchase.

  • Your work name. Do you have a name you'd like to use professionally? Most escorts we work with want us to call them by their professional name

  • Minimum two good pictures. Please send more if you have them. Original photos only - We don't accept photos with the names of other websites.

    • What we can fix - We can crop, fix the color, brighten the photo, even level your image if it's cocked to one side.  We cannot fix blurred images, or ones that are very dark or too bright. 

    • Blurred faces - If you're shy, we can blur the faces so your family/friends won't recognize you. If you are especially worried, We'll let you approve the changed photos before they are published.

    • If you do roleplay, send us photos in costume.

    • Sexually explicit photos - We're not a porn site, but we are happy to show your explicit photos.  Understand that we will blur the penetration. 

  • Contact information - preferably both an email address and a phone number, so clients can contact you.

  • Profile. This usually is what you do best. Why do your best customers come back to you? Lame ads say "my photos are real" "I give great service" "For VIP Executives" "I'm addictive" "An unforgettable experience". We ask you to be sexually specific. You'll make more money if guys know upfront what to expect, what you offer and what you like.

    • Do you kiss? (GFE or girlfriend experience? Do you give your clients romance as well as sex?)

    • Do you suck cock without a condom? (BBBJ, or bareback blowjob). If you do this with some guys but not others, tell us why.  Is it personal hygiene, attraction?

    • Orgasms.  Can guys come in your mouth? On your face? On your breasts? On your body? 

    • Are you bi? Will you have sex with a single woman? Couples? Lesbian show? Threesomes?

    • Russian? (Titty fucking. If you are a B+, C, D or DD, you already know guys love this.)

    • Anal?

    • Fetishes? Smoking, bondage, urination, feet, ???

    • Role play? (Can you act like a schoolgirl? Pretend to be a naughty nurse? A slutty secretary? A cheating housewife?) 

    • Groups? Gangbangs?

  • Price. This is optional, but if you are charging less than the going rate, this will help you. If you'll do certain things, but they are extra, let us know. We'll say something like "GFE and BBBJ included. Anal and couples extra."

Send us your information at webmaster@escortsofmexico.com

Again, welcome! We get over 2,000 visitors daily. If you help us write a good ad, you'll make money.

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